Friday, February 29

Tusen takk for kjempefine votter og blomster!

This post is for my grandmother, therefore in Norwegian. She has knitted mittens and flowers for us, and the boys were enthusiastic. My grandmother is 87 and still knitts like she was 20....

Her om dagen fikk vi en pakke i posten. Det skjer ikke saa ofte, saa det var veldig spennende. Det viste seg at Bestemor/oldemor hadde strikket votter til guttene og heklet blomster til meg og Lotte. Kjempefine! Guttene var veldig fornoyde og tok paa vottene med en gang. Mats satt til og med med vottene paa mens han saa paa barnetv. Tusen takk, Bestemor!!!! Blomstene er også kjempefine, og med litt kreativ tenking fikk vi brukt en av dem med en gang (hårspenne). Her er noen bilder:

Wednesday, February 27

Who says Holland has no mountains?

...well, I know they are only about 40 m above see level, but so what. It's beautiful in the moores close to where we live. And the best thing is: we're there in 10 minutes, or we can go by bicycle and not be out of breath. Yeah! The kids love it there, aspecially climbing the trees. Sometimes if you are lucky, you get to meet the scottish highland cows that lives there. They're so scary with their big horns and hairy face, but actually quite harmless (aslong as you keep a distance of 40 m....). See the picture beneath, taken on a different occasion (a typical example of an ignorant tourist disobeying the official warnings - my brother in law....)

Saturday, February 23

Who's the dramaqueen?

...if you guessed "Lotte", you guessed right. She's a girl of few words (at least understandable words), but boy does she know how to express her feelings. This lo shows only 8 of her faces, but she has so many more. The story behind some of these pictures is Lotte banging the dolls head on the table, and then the doll was crying and she had to comfort her. I'm not sure what the "angry" expressions means, she just does them sometimes and the next second she smiles. Could we have an actress in the making?

Start them young

I just had to blog these photos of Lotte and Jonas playing soccer in the garden two days ago. I wasn't actually planning on going out anymore this afternoon (it was unpleasently wet-cold), but suddenly Lotte brought her shoes and jacket and started to put them on. I pretty much didn't have a choice but to help her and I figured: let her go out to the garden for a while, whilst I'll watch her from the window, nice and warm. Lotte went to get the soccer ball from the garage, and then Jonas wanted to join her aswell. Lotte is crazy about balls at the moment, but she wasn't very happy about Jonas kicking the ball away from her all the time. After a while she got tired of it and took the ball and ran off. It was so fun watching them, I eventually ended up outside aswell - with camera at hand of course..... After 15 minutes Lotte had had enough and went inside again. She doesn't like to get her hands cold, but doesn't keep the mittens on either.

Wednesday, February 20

Need some inspiration?

Most of you most definately have loads of photos laying around, and you don't know how to find time to put them all in albums. Well, my idea is, you could start with picking out 10 (or 12 or 5 or whatever) favorite photos throughout the year and put them in an album (whatever album you like) and write something about what each picture means to you (why it's your favorite, what you did and where ). You don't have to use fancy papers or embelissments, the important thing is that you have them all in one place with comments. It will be something you can tresure in the years to come. I make one for every year. It's really fun, and fairly quick to do. I'd love to hear from you if you do get ispired to do this. Click on the picture to see the rest of the pages in Flickr (in Flickr click on the set with 13 photos)

Monday, February 18

Wijk aan Zee beach

Here are the boys in action playing beach soccer. They were having so much fun! Even Lotte joined in once in a while, but most of the time she was more interested in the sand on her fingers. Read more about our sunday trip below or click on the picture to see the other photos I took.

sunday = sun day

Yes, we had another sunny sunday yesterday, so we decided to take the trip to the northsee. We ended up in Wijk aan Zee and I was so exited about all the beautiful pictures I was going to take. So, ready to shoot my first picture the camera acted dead, and it hit me, I FORGOT TO TAKE EXTRA BATTERIES!!!! Needless to say, I was very, very angry at myself. Luckily Till had (for some reason) taken our old little badworking canon IXUS camera with him. At least I could take a few shots, but it sure wasn't the same as my Canon Rebel XT. Lesson learned! The pictures I took are posted above. Well, we still had a nice day at the beach. We enjoyed playing beach soccer and then we endulged ourselves with a well deserved icecream before we headed home again.

Friday, February 15

Who doesn't want a big brother?

Well, I always wanted one, and Lotte is the lucky one to have two. It's easy to see she's fond of both of them, but the bond to Jonas seems to be just a bit stronger. She lightens up whenever he's around, and tries her best (sometimes quite desperately) to get his attention. She loves it when he drives her in the dolls pram or "reads" to her or when she may sit on his lap watching tv. And Jonas is just as fond of her and is very loving and patient with her. He definately knows how to annoy her aswell, which we can then hear through the hole neighbourhood (boy, that girl can screem!!!), but most of the time, he is nice to her and doesn't even get angry with her when she ruins/interrupts his playing. I wanted to capture some of these moments, and today I finally got a good shot of Lotte on Jonas' lap. Here watching Barbapapa, Jonas' favorite tv show.

A few days ago I asked Jonas if he would read a book to Lotte while I was preparing dinner (I figured I could then be able to cook in peace without Lottes "helping hands" (so not helping....). He took this task very seriously and started reading, letter by letter. Needless to say, this wasn't exactly the kind of reading Lotte wanted, and she soon got restless. It was a moment worth digital preserving though, and who knows, in the future she just might enjoy beeing read for a little bit more. He just has to learn how to read first...

This tiger is actually mine. I got him for my 33rd birthday from my brother in law and family. His name is Kenzo and he was given to me to guard me in our big house in Portland when we lived there. He looks so real he still makes my heart jump when he turns up in unexpected places. Thankfully he is a very loving tiger, and lets the kids jump all over him, never lifting a claw.

Thursday, February 14

In the name of love

Today is Valentines day, and although we don't really celebrate it, it's worth mentioning. The boys came home from school yesterday and were talking about who they like and who they'd like to give a card to. They had obviously been talking about valentines day at school. So yesterday being a short day at school, we took the time to make some cards, and they turned out pretty good. Mats had two girls in class that he wanted to write to, Anouk and Willemijn. Jonas no less than four! Nora, Joyce, Carmen en Josefien were the lucky girls. If this is a sign of how it will be when they get older, my oh my. It could seem like Jonas is taking after his godfather/uncle. Say no more.... Well he took the time and made beautiful cards and wrote them all himself ("ik vind je lief" = "I like you"). When it came to giving the cards to the girls this morning, he got emberrassed and wanted to send the cards by post instead of giving them personally, lol. Both boys wanted to write a card to Lotte as well, but while Mats concluded it would be a waste of time (he wanted to watch tv instead...) since she can't read, Jonas , being the thinker that he is, explained that she can keep the card and read it when she is older. Go, Jonas! How did you get to be so smart?

The last days of creativity has also resulted in these LOs. I got ispired by the beautiful and colorful picture of Lotte on the table (she was sitting on the table) and wanted to memorize some of her facial expressions and what they meant.

This is a LO about Lottes happy character. She is so unbelievable bubbly and happy all the time (well, okey most of the time....). She brightens up our day.

Monday, February 11

Baby it's hot outside

Wow, this february beats all records. Today we had between 12 and 15 degrees outside, beautiful and sunny. I spent the hole afternoon outside with Lotte, letting her play and enjoying reading my magazine. Who could expect this in early february? Here's a picture of Lotte and the tulips taken today:

I've had great response to this blog from friends and family so long. Thank you for all your comments/e-mails. In fact, it's been so many e-mails it will take quite a while answering all of them. Please bare with me..

Yesterday Till let me have some time for myself to create (thank you, Till!!!), and here are the lo's I managed to put together:

Sunday, February 10

lovely sunday

Today the sun is shining again and I am full of energie. I've allready done my bodystep work out and had a good sweat. Now I'm ready to do something creative. Following is a layout of Mats, who turned 7 in december. Inspired by all the "my friends" books he brings home from his classmates, I wanted to make a layout about his favorites at the age of 7. I figured it would be interesting to interview him about this, and as I was writing down the questions, I thought, this is something I should do every year and to all three kids. So, I sat down and designed an interview tag on my very simple computer program (works).

I enjoyed interviewing Mats and look forward to looking back on this in a few years time. The total layout turned out quite nice aswell, with photos of Mats doing some of his favorite activities.

Beeing in a sharing/favorites "kinda" mood, here's the layout I made for Tills birthday aswell. I scraplifted a layout done by Cathy Blackstone, wanting to celebrate Till for what he is (a really great guy!). I asked him about his favorite "this-and-thats" and put it all into this LO, accompanied with a birthday card and a gift certificate for a half day aveda SPA

And here's the card

Saturday, February 9

Album from Lottes baptism

This is an album I newly made from Lottes baptism. I was inspired from the beautiful girly infuse line from Basic Grey. I used a be. (bare elements) basic chipboard album as a base, and used paint, flowers, ribbons and basic grey rub ons and sticker letters to embellish.

Friday, February 8

knutseldag = "creative with the kids"-day

Today, following up on one of my goals for my "new life", we had a "knutseldag", which is dutch for doing something creative. Jonas and Mats were having a great time, and we made snakes, a beautiful butterfly, a colorful window, a fire truck and a ladybug on a leaf. We were all very happy with the results and the art is now making our walls beautiful.

We could really see that the spring is here today. We had beautiful sunny weather, the birds are singing loudly and happily (the sound of spring) and the flowers are starting to show in the garden. This inspire me to follow up on the goal of taking care of the garden. I took a walk around my garden, photographing all the flowers already looking out. I love this time of year.

Thursday, February 7

goals for the "rest of my life"

Today is acutally my 36th birthday, so I thought this is a good day to start writing in my new blog and to start the "rest of my life". I have plans for the years ahead, and I know it will be hard to follow up on every one of the following goals, but at least I wrote them down..... Here are some of my goals for the future:

do more crafty things with my little ones
read more to the kids
be a better wife
take even more time to cook healthy
take better photos
make, write and send more cards
e-mail friends more often
eat less chocolate (this is a hard one)
use up my craft-/scrap supply
knit more (finnishing the projects I have started)
make more homemade presents
do more beading
sew more (I have so many ideas...)
be better in remembering birthdays
participate in designing competitions and challenges
eat more healthy
do more gardening (keeping the garden beautiful, tidy and healthy)
keep working out and keep in shape
watch less tv (this is actually quite doable)
updating my blog frequently
Reading this, I realize it will be hard to find time for it all, unless somebody have a few extra hours to add to our 24 hours days. At least I won't have time to be bored, and that's a good thing in my book. Now my day is coming to an end, I am thankful for my husband and three little angels giving me breakfast in bed with candle lights accompanied with tones of "happy birthday" and two beautiful drawings. Who could ask for more? And I am thankful for all the calls from friends and family. It's nice to be remembered even when you turn 36. When I think about it, I had calls from Germany, Norway and Spain today. It was really nice talking to everybody. And I got beautiful dutch tulips delivered by a good friend at the door. And the present from mom and dad came by post today. Perfect timing. These are the things to remember. (I don't mind the ipod nano or the macbook Till gave me either, but it's the little things that really matter)

my birthday brownie cake that Till made all by himself

Mats' birthday drawing of a beach, sunset and all the birds flying away. It's me to the right on the beach, and the other person is little Lotte. I really enjoyed getting this beautiful piece of art.

And here is the other little artists tribute to my birthday, Jonas' drawing of colorful flowers (that's what I wished for). The flowers have faces, its raining big raindrops and we have a birthday-heart-flower aswell. Jonas is allready a great artist, only 4 years old.

And here are all the birthday presents together...