Monday, March 31

Takk for fine votter mormor! Thanks...

Today we got an unexpected package delivered with a pair of cute pink mittens for Lotte, that my grandmother had knitted. Tusen takk, mormor!!!! Lotte wanted to put them on right away, but sitting still for me to take a picture, well that's another story... I managed to take a few on-the-move photos. Another "problem" is that spring time is here, and we don't really need mittens anymore..

I'm testing out my new Canon 50mm f1.4lense at the moment, and until now I'm wowed by the pictures I can take with it. It takes great photos indoor in lowlight conditions and the best portraits. I LOVE it!!! I love the blurry background I get using the low f-stop. Here's two pictures I took while practicing. I even like the blurriness of the second one. It tells the story of a child on the go.

Here's Lotte with her first pony tails eating orange also for the first time.

And here's a little "blurry thief".....

Sunday, March 23

easter egg search

We had a COLD easter sunday today. BRRRR. The "paashaas" (easter bunny) had hid chocolate eggs in our garden, and the kids had a great time looking for them. For Lotte it was a first timer, and she was SO happy for every egg she got in her little bowl. She was just following the boys the best she could, with a smile on her face, holding on to her bin very tightly. It was the caring big brothers who put the eggs in her bin, she didn't quite get the consept of finding them herself. We were lucky to get sunny weather just when we were outside. Later we had a snow storm! And me who was about to put away the winter clothes.....(you can see the rest of the pictures in flickr by clicking on the photo - click on the "easter egg search" set)

happy easter, god påske, frohe ostern

Yesterday we managed to do the yearly painting of easter eggs. Both Mats and Jonas couldn't get enough and enjoyed every minute. I had emptied 8 eggs, one broke before we could even start, I got to paint one and the boys each 3. Painting eggs with wet paint is not easy, and I'm impressed with how well they did. This picture shows my collection of easter eggs over many years. I try to paint a few every year and even Till has painted some of them. It's quite a collection by now, my own little beautiful tresure. (If you want to see the rest of the pictures from our painting session and the outcome, click on the picture and in flickr click on the "painting easter eggs 2008" set)

Friday, March 21

21 challenge day 21: finale!

Today is the last day of the 21 challenge. I am so glad I followed through all the way. I DID IT! The challenge has made me create so much more than I normally do, and I have learned a lot more than I thought I would as well. I've learned how to find inspiration in new things, little "invisible" things, I've learned how to transform pictures with the help of digital frames, I've learned how to use my time more efficiently, I've learned how to push myself a little more, I've got new ideas of how to use up my scraps and old stuff, I've learned how helpfull and motivating it is to be praised and appreciated and I've learned and reallized how happy and lucky I am, appreciating both the little and the big things in my life.

Thank you all 21ers! Thank you for inspiring me and for paying attention. And a BIG THANK U to the no. 1 motivating person in this challenge: RHONNA! Thank you so much for doing this, for taking the time and for beeing so wonderful, talented, funny and inspiring.
These are two results of the last three days of creative action:
A romantic birthday card, hand cut and made with reused packaging cardstock from a basic grey chipboard mini album (the B&W flower design paper).
A lay out about my kids' new cool converse shoes without laces. Till (my dh) kept the fill paper from the shoes (brought it with him all the way from the US) so I could do something with it. I used it as background paper along with acrylic paint and notebook paper journaling. This is a really low cost LO. Doesn't get any cheaper than that......

Tuesday, March 18

felt crazy

Yesterday I got out my (partly 30 years old) felt, beads, sequins, needles and thread and actually did hand stiching for the first time in years. And it was surprisingly fun to make these flowers. My two lovely nieces, Jula and Sophia are visiting this week, so this was a fun thing to do with them. We had a great time, and I love the outcome. I even made a LO with some of the flowers. I will post it tomorrow.
I made this LO about Lottes nutella face the other day. I actually made it in a hurry, but the outcome is quite good, I think. Love the pictures, and love the fact that I used up some of my scraps again....

Saturday, March 15

21 challenge Jonas at 3 years

For todays LO I had to look into my "little book of Jonas", to remember what he was like at the age of 3. Thank god I made those notes. It's so fun to read about the things he said and did back then. Since we just came back from our one year stay in Portland, he still spoke quite a lot of english, like; "thanks buddy, it's boken (broken), gu gais (good guys), com'an, cool, no funny". He and Mats always played in english. Now he hardly speaks english anymore. He understands it, but wount say anything. The dutch has taken over. There is one word though, that he has picked up from me and Till. We have been "funnying" around with the word "whatever" (pronounced with brittish accent: wa'eva) after seeing a funny movie where they used it a lot. One evening when I told Jonas to put on his pyjama, I heard from the bathroom: " Ja, mamma, wa'eva". Today's LO is about him and his character at the age of 3.

Thursday, March 13

21 challenge day 13, the colors of my world

I made a happy LO today. About my colorful little ones. I love colors. To me they symbolize "funnyness", vitality and happyness, just like the kids. Colorful - the perfect word to describe all three of them. This LO makes me happy, and so does Mats, Jonas and Lotte....

Happy birthday Wolfgang!!!!

Today it's my father in laws birthday. Hipp hurra! Wir wünschen dir ALLES GUTE! Wir können den Tag leider nicht zusammen feiern, aber wir holen alles nach wenn ihr kommt am Samstag, vielleicht sogar mit Kuchen... Weil wir heute nicht bei dir sein können, um unsere Geschänke zu überreichen , kriegst du hier einen "Preview":

21 challenge day 12 inspired by IKEA

I am more than halfway to my challenge goal. It's keeping me busy, but I'm having fun. The last two days I've found inspiration in the IKEA cathalogue. I have been thankful for IKEA for their clever sollutions, good prices and easy access, but now I can even use them for my scrapbooking. Go IKEA! Inspired by a fabric with circles, I put together a LO about our 5er family. Yesterday it was an IKEA picture that inspired me for my first retro LO ever. For both LOs i used SEI papers from the madera island kit. I LOVE
the papers!

Monday, March 10

Who wants to come to Amsterdam?

I know I wrote about these pictures in my last post, but I had technical problems adding more photos, so here are some more. I love the way they turned out, and it just might make some of you want to go just a little bit more....

Sunday, March 9

Amsterdam in focus

Yesterday Till and I went to Amsterdam to attend a cooking workshop (my christmas present from Till). While waiting for the workshop to start, I took these pictures. They were quite normal pictures, some of them even a bit dull. After I played around with them in PSE (photoshop) and added the frames, I love them! They make me want to go back and take more pictures.... Does anybody want to come?

(click on the photo to see the rest in Flickr)

Friday, March 7

Look what daddy brought with him back from the US today!

Today was the lucky day, where my dh (dear husband) came back from Portland after beeing away for a week. It's always nice to get him back. The children were enthusiastic, Lotte was even a little shy at once, which is a new side to her. It didn't last for very long, and then she was back to beeing daddys little girl again. Another good thing about Till comming back from the states, is all the stuff he usually brings with him. We love the value of the dollar vs. euro at the moment, and try shopping as cheap possible. Especially scrapbooking stuff is SO much cheaper in the states. Yooohoo!

21 challenge day 7 Who am I?

Yesterday's quote got me thinking about who and how I am and how I act with other people. I had to read it several times before the hole meaning sunk in, and it made more and more sense. Here's the quote, so you can try and understand what I am talking about (for dere som er norske som ikke skjønner hva det handler om, tenk janteloven):

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others." - Marianne Williamson -

I found an old photo of myself today. It's taken in 1992 in Zürich at a student party (the theme was "American", so we were supposed to look american, eat typical american food - hamburgers - and had american names). I can still remember how fun it was - 16 years later. That's so scary, to actually say "16 years ago....". The picture shows a lot about how I was back then; always up for a party, having loads of fun. The photo is from my time in Switzerland where I was au pair for a year. It was a life changing experience and I made some really good friends there. I'm so happy to still keep in contact with two of my best friends from that time (håper dere leser dette Elin og Gunvor). Although we don't see each other very often, I know that when we get together again, it will be as if no time has past. Hope it will happen soon, hint...... When I saw the picture I also saw how much I've changed since then, and that gave me the idea for todays lo. This is the first step to finding out WHO I AM.

Thursday, March 6

21 challenge day 6 using up my scrap leftovers

Today I made a lo about tulips. Tulips symbolize to me spring, color and Holland. And spring is definately here. The trees are starting to get green and there are more and more flowers about. If you like flowers Holland is the place to be. You can buy so many beautiful flowers and they're SO cheap (especially for me comming from expensive Norway!). I enjoyed putting this lo together. It doesn't apply to my motto "less is more", but it was so fun to do. And the best thing is, I used only little pieces of scraps (leftover papers). I cannot be accused of letting anything go to wast, especially papers. For all the lo's I've made for this challenge so far, I've only used scraps and old scrap stuff. In fact my last 16 lo are all made from scraps only. I have a great system for all my scraps, so I can easily find just the color I need. I can make a post about it later on, if anybody's interested.

Wednesday, March 5

21 challenge day 5 having fun!

I had so much fun putting today's lo together. I wanted to make a lo with one of the roses my grandmother crocheted for me, and this is how it turned out. I loved combining the B&W doodling with the feminine pink and lace.

Tuesday, March 4

21 challenge day 4 and lovely tuesday

Today was cleaning day. I love tuesdays. It's the one day, where the hole house is clean and unmessy for at least a few minutes.
It gives me extra energy to be creative as well, and during Lottes naptime I put this lo together. I wanted to make my first black&white lo, but these two colors alone don't really inspire me. I'm semi satisfied with it, but at least the picture is nice and the subjects of the lo are beautiful. My 4 beautiful nieces are the best nieces or cousins anyone could ask for. I love it when they're visiting and so does Mats, Jonas and Lotte.
Another good thing about tuesdays, is that I have a babysitter to watch the kids for a few hours in the afternoon. This is the day where I can get something done. I love this "free time", and I am so thankful for Gwen who so lovingly looks after the little ones.

Monday, March 3

21 challenge day 3

Here's todays creation and journal page, inspired by a clothing tag. If anybody wonders what the "21 challenge" is about; it's a challenge hosted by Rhonda Farrer on Two Peas, where we set our selves a goal to make a new habit, then we journal about our journey for 21 days and share with other participants in the forum (see the link in my post on march 1.). My goal is to find inspiration in new places, in the "little" things, and so far I'm doing fine and I'm finding ideas for lay-outs in the strangest places.

Creative kids day

We had a great day today, the kids and I. It started with an harmonic and peaceful breakfast together (not always like that....), continued by "creative hour" where we made and wrote cards for Oldemor to thank her for the beautiful mittens. We even managed to do some drawings for Pappa. Later I could get some gardening done, whilst the kids were playing pirates in the garden bushes. Here the images of the day:

21 challenge day 2

Have been taking care of the kids all by myself today, and still managed to get so much done. The challenge is keeping me motivated, and my goal is getting to me. I see inspiration all over at the moment, even in a clothing tag that came with my newly purchased work-out outfit. Check in tomorrow to see how it turns out. Today I found my inspiration in a wallpaper ad, and it resulted in two lay-outs; one about my loving hubby, and one about my favorite room.

I had to remove the second picture, since it is beeing published....

Saturday, March 1

21 challenge 2008 day one

I'm participating on the 21 challenge that Rhonda Farrer is hosting on Two Peas right now (If you're interested in knowing more, click here: This is my journal for the challenge and my day one. I've been working on it on and off all day, in between taking care of the kids, and in the commercial breaks from the dutch Idol final tonight. Not the most effective way to do it, but I can't miss the final!! Any way, I've been painting backgrounds with acrylic paint, designed the "number plates" for each day on the computer, and put it all together with a simple design and basic colorscheme. I quite like the simplizity of it, and can now consentrate on my goal: FIND INSPIRATION IN THE LITTLE THINGS SURROUNDING ME, AND CREATE SOMETHING FROM IT EVERY DAY.... wish me luck.......