Saturday, April 26

Vacation is on

School vacation has started, and we are off to South France - Provence - tomorrow. I'm exited to see this part of France for the first time, and expect to enjoy both the beauty of the country, beach and summery weather (hopefully....) and mabe some interresting shops (???). Before we're off, I wanted to share these "before-and-after pictures" I've been editing the last days. What a different some contrast and some B&W treatment does...

Sunday, April 20

Back from SIStv crop in Ede

I'm back from an all day crop in Ede, meeting up with sisters (scrapbookers from SIStv). I was so lucky to ride with Silvia (we had such a nice time in the car, that we missed the exit on the highway and drove 13 km too far - cost us half an hour extra, but still very nice!). It was nice to see the "sisters" in real life and with real names. I only know them from the site. It seemed to be a lot of creativity going on amongst the 40 participants, and we enjoyed both lunch, cakes and chocolate, mmmmm.... We had a round of "Round Robin" (Our LOs are passed around for others to add something to it, and in the end it's a totally new LO, that is probably quite different from what you would have done yourself) and that was great fun. My ended up very nice and totally different from my own style. Here some pics:

This is the Round Robin LO.

This is my crop space and the LO I was working on at the crop made from a daysyd's paper. I LOVE these new papers! I didn't finish, however. I need to remember a good story about Mats to finish the journaling.

And this is a group photo of all the sisters.

Saturday, April 19

Enjoying books - Pencil line sketch no. 80

I've had a go on the sketch challenge again. This time I made a LO about Lottes passion for books. I love these pictures of her reading one of her favorite books with such enthusiasm. Tomorrow I'll be going to a dutch SIStv crop in Ede. There are 40 scrappers comming from across the country. Looking SO much forward to meeting other dutch sisters/scrappers and hopefully have some FUN, mabe even get some scrapbooking done???

Cute scene - Prima monthly sketch contest

Today I had a go on Primas monthly sketch contest. I used some of my last photos of Lotte, playing with her doll (well it's actually Mats' doll, but he neglects her, so....). It was so nice to see how gently she held the doll in her arms and gave it the bottle, tryed to change her clothes and gave her the pacifier. It was a beautiful scene to by stand and capture. The flowers are Prima products

Thursday, April 17

Report from a girly weekend

Like I wrote in earlier posts, I had friends visiting this weekend. It was SO nice to have you here, Tove and Gyri. Miss you already. My dear Mr T. took care of the kids all weekend so we could concentrate on sightseeing, shopping and having fun. Saturday morning we took a bike ride to a little town nearby called Huizen, where we did some shopping and had a snack at the farmers market. Yammy lompias! Then we hit the bigger city Hilversum, to get some serious shopping done. We all ended up with something (clothes) we all appreciated. In the evening we enjoyed the food at "de open keuken" in Hilversum, before we headed home. On the way back we stopped at the media house by the media park and took some interesting pictures. This is just one of them:

Sunday it was time to hit Amsterdam, and even though I've been living close to the city since 2002 (minus 2005), I haven't had the time (or energy) to get to know the capital very well. Sorry for beeing the worst guide ever!!! Thankfully Tove had brought her little book of Amsterdam with her... This sunday changed my life. I now consider me to be a much better guide for any future guests, I now know where the red light district is, I know where to find some good restaurants, I know where the flower market is and I know what sightseeing boat not to take (the one we took...). Our day ended in 300 pictures taken with two different cameras. I love the grafitti background pics. For once I am also ON some of the pictures, which is nice, considering that they turned out really good (normally I'm the one behind the lens). Thank you Tove for taking all these lovely pictures! If you are interested in seeing the rest of the photos you can click here

Tuesday, April 15

12/12 challenge april

Today I finished my april LO (lay-out) for the 12/12 challenge. In the challenge we commit to make a 12 picture LO about the 12th of every month. The pictures show everyday happenings throughout the day. I had loads of fun with my new compact digital camera, taking pictures of myself trying on clothes in the fitting room or getting ready for bed. The kind of pictures I normally - and I think most people - don't take. Click here to see the pictures in flickr. It was aspecially fun to do, as I had my good friends visiting and we did a lot of fun things. They loved playing along too. Here's the LO, featuring my 12 favorite "little things" pictures of the day:

Friday, April 11

Happy, happy days!!!!

There are so many good things happening in my life right now, I can't stop smiling. Two of my LOs are beeing published in a norwegian scrapbooking magazine, "Vi scrapper". My first publishing!!! This is a BIG thing for me. And if this wasn't enough, today I was told that I hit the
catwalk on SIStv with my Cool lay-out. Yeah! Thank you SO much Debee Campos. (The catwalk is a pick of favorite LOs from all the submissions on the SIStv site last week, donne by the fashionistas (leading designers)). This was totally uninspected for me, since I've only been member for a two weeks time. Still very appriciated! The third thing I'm exited about today, is that my good friends Tove and Gyri are comming to visit. We go a long way back - all the way back to the kindergarden, and I love that we still keep in contact. This is the first time that they visit us in Holland. This will be a FUN weekend. More information about our weekend to follow. This is the LO that hit the catwalk is Cool Jonas (I had to remove the picture, since it is beeing published).

Tuesday, April 8

My 1. pencil line sketch lay-out (no. 79)

I have discovered a challenge blog;

pencil lines that I'm going to try out. Every week they publish a new sketch challenge and every month they choose the best LOs amongst the submitters. Here's my first go called "Work in Progress". My oldest son, Mats (7), took this picture of me with our new little compact digital camera. He's so prowd that he is finally allowed to take pictures, and he managed to take more than a 100 pictures in less than 10 minutes. Go, Mats! Think we have an aspiring photographer here. I'm happy I finally got a picture with ME on it (normally I'm on the other side of the camera....)

Friday, April 4

8 days in march tag album

Today I finally finnished my march tag album inspired by Cathy Zielske. I've been working on it all through march. I used Cathys template for the journaling, the rest is my own design (basic grey papers, fancy pants stamps). I've journaled about 8 random days in the month of march and did a summary of the month at the end. I really enjoyed making this and I know I will tresure this for a long time. It's the little things, you know.....