Saturday, May 31

last minute photo rescue

Who knew? Who knew that this picture could turn out so cool? I was just about to toss it, when I thought; why not give it a PSE treatment first to see how it turnes out. After all it was my only outside picture from new years eve 2006/2007. In PSE I encreased the contrast and played around with the colorvariations and saturation. I also put a digital frame on my favorite. I am absolutely amazed at the result. I love it. I hope I inspired you to try treating your pictures before deleting them next time.....
Before picture (this is SO bad)after encreasing the contrast and some redness
In colorvariations I encreased the green tones
here I have added a filter (dark outline), added red, removed magenta and encreased blue.
You like?

Friday, May 30

busy times.....

So much going on right now. I am looking forward to Scrap-a-ganza next weekend and there are lots of homework to do for the workshops I'm attending. I'll be doing 8 workshops so it will be a marathon. I'm looking forward to the workshops with Donna Downey, CD Muckosky, Melodee Langworthy, Vicky Boutin and Layle Koncar (for scenic route). I dragged my mother to this event aswell (she's comming all the way from Norway!), and I hope she will stand the challenge of running from workshop to workshop. Good luck, mom! I'm looking forward to spending a weekend with you.
As for scrapbooking stuff, I am doing a lot of it, but I can't share at the moment. I'm working a lot with fabrics, lace, sewing and handstiching. So fun! As I was going through my pictures today, I found this picture of Jonas and Lotte. How cute is that? It looks like they're in love. I love to watch when they are fooling around like that.

Tuesday, May 27

Big news!

Today I had an appointment with the biggest scrapbooking magazine in The Netherlands, creatief met foto's. As it shows, they are interested in working with me in the future. The first article about me was in the june issue that arrived by post today. Quite weired to read about myself like that, but very, very nice. I showed it to the boys, and Jonas, who is the subject on one of the lay-outs, said: "yes, that's me." Not exactly over-enthusiastic, but what can you expect from a 5 year old? For him, beeing in a magazine is one of the most natural things on earth. Mats was wondering why he wasn't in it... Well, back to the future, the magazine is interested in some of my other stuff too. And most likely more in the future. Happy day....

Pencil lines sketch no. 86 and our own little Amadeus

I had a go on the pencil lines sketch challenge again, and this time I used my sewing machine and old fabric and lace leftovers. I knew they would come in handy one day.... I'm very excited about this LO, and it was SO fun to do. And I LOVE the new SEI paper that I used as base. Fun, fun, fun.

Friday, May 23

yohoo, catwalk again!

... I hit the catwalk again! Yippie! Again I had to hear it from somebody else. Had no idea I was chosen. Thank you gigi for picking me! I'm honored! It was my 12/12 challenge may LO that was picked.

Thursday, May 22

CAMC (atm) = Crazy about making cards (at the moment)

I had so much fun making these cards. I started out with the background papers and some paper flowers from Prima, and one card after the other just came together as I went along. I wouldn't have wanted anyone to see my crafting room during the progress, SOOOO messy. But, who cares about mess, it's the progress and the outcome that matters, isn't it?

Saturday, May 17

Pencil lines sketch no. 84

This weeks pencil line sketch is provided by the young and talented Breanne Crawford. I loved her sketch and had fun putting this LO together. The kids all love it when we are having tacos for dinner, and I took these pics the last time we had mexican night. All we could hear was Mmmmmm.....

Friday, May 16

I'm beeing published again!

About a week ago the newest issue of the norwegian scrapbook magazine "Vi scrapper" was released and in it was two of my LO's, "Cool Jonas" and "You color my world". It's my first publishing and it makes me quite proud. It's such a nice feeling to be appreciated . Now more good news are comming my way. The dutch scrapbook magazine "Creatief met Foto's" will publish 3 of my LO's in the upcomming june issue. It was actually after I read about scrapbooking in this magazine back in 2003 that I started this hobby (read addiction and passion), so this is a BIG thing for me. I'm SO curious to read my own dutch writing, as most of you know, it's quite a new language to me. I can't show the LO's that are beeing published yet, but here's the "You color my world"-LO that was published last week:

Thursday, May 15

12/12 challenge may

We've had another 12th of the month, so here's may's 12/12 LO. We had beautiful weather, 28 degr. celcius, stayed outside all day. I did loads of gardening, Wolfgang was visiting for a few days and Lotte and Jonas had the chicken pox.

Back from France, Jonas is 5 and chicken pox is here....

We're back from vacation and reality hits us straight on. Returning on Wednesday evening, I had my hands full with preparations for Jonas' birthday party on Friday, laundry from 10 days on the road, shopping for groceries, cleaning a dirty house. Thank God, Sabine could babysit on Thursday!! And then just 30 minutes before the guests arrived for the party on Friday, we spot the little red blisters, first thought to be mosquito bites. Thankfully Jonas was feeling just fine, having just a few spots, so we decided to go ahead with the feast. We had great summery weather and temperature and stayed outside the hole time. The kids could decorate their own cup cakes, we had fruit salad and chocolate cake. We had a throwing competition, but really the kids didn't need any further animation at all. They were happily activating themselves. When we took out our rocket blaster to cool them down a bit, (a flying rocket sprinkling water around), we could just sit back and watch. If only all birthday party's were like that....