Monday, June 30

MLS sketch # 7 and my LO

This is my first assignment as a design team member for MLS, sketch # 7 and is drawn by Evi. This is also posted on the design team blog...

...and this is what I did with it. The LO is about this picture of my mother with her first grand daughter. I wanted a bit of vintage look, to go with the picture, and used fabric from an old bed sheet (I think it was mine when I was little) and a piece of lace. The text is written on diy tape and the flower accent is from Queen & co. Since it was white on white background, I distressed the edges with chalk, to make it stand out. I finished the LO with some stiches here and there..... The colors and contrasts in the pics doesn't quite stand up to the original LO, but you get the impression of it....

Sunday, June 29

Yes, we have a kitchen! and our little Lotte is two!!

Friday we finally had our kitchen placed. Boy, it's SO nice to have a kitchen again. And I love the open space we have created. I love it, love it. Of course not everything was delivered correctly, so there still are some changes to be done, but all in all it's all good and very usable. I stayed up til 3 am saturday morning to put as much as possible in place, but I'm still not finished. I'll take my time, do a little by little. I'm taking the opportunity to get rid of stuff I don't use. So, even if it's still messy, here's a few pics....

And then there is little Lotte, turning two in the middle of this. Saturday was her day. She was so cute putting on the family birthday crown, opening presants, blowing out candles and eating cake. She danced to Mats' "happy bithday" on the piano, and was just really happy about all the attention. Whenever somebody called to congratulate her, she took the phone, said "hei", then "ja", then "bye" and she was done and passed the phone on to me.

Thursday, June 26

Kitchen progress

One more day, and we will yet again have a kitchen. Who would think I would actually long for the everyday cooking? Well I do. I'm tired of eating "easy" and take out Chinese. I'm tired of cleaning everyday and still be surrounded by mess and dirt. Yesterday Till painted the ceiling. He did a great job - it's a huge ceiling - and I guess you all know how unpleasant it is to paint above you. Today he has to go over one more time. I did the kitchen walls yesterday evening, which was done in a blink. I still love the sand color we have on the living room walls, so we used it again. Can you picture how it will be when it's done? Well, just one more day......
This is what it looks like now:

Me in action. Don't you all love how you look when you have your painting clothes on?

Here are the kitchen elements, stocked up in our dining room

And here's how our living room looks like right now (well, last night). Doesn't it look cosy? I'm sure you are loving the piano in front of the window, dining table in front of the sofa and the fridge in front of the stove. If you are wondering what Till is doing: he is watching the semi final (soccer) Germany - Turkey, which ended 3-2 to Germany. As a famous german soccer player said a long time ago: "A soccer game lasts 90 minutes and in the end Germany wins.....". I was cheering for Holland, and since they were kicked out, my enthusiazm is gone.

Wednesday, June 25

I'm a design team member - Memory Lane Scrapbooking

Last week I was asked to join the Memory Lane Scrapbooking (MLS) design team. It's an online scrapbooking store owned by Danielle. She sells all the newest scrapbooking supplies and monthly kits. And there's a challenge and inspiration blog. I happily accepted and am now officially a design team member. I'm looking forward to challenging myself with this new task, learning new techniques and making new scrapbooking friends.

My job will be to design something from the kits every month, make LOs for the monthly sketch, participate in the dutch dares (a monthly challenge) and come up with and share new techniques and projects for the blog. Lots of work comming my way, I know, but it's all good - and fun.

Friday, June 20

Latest lay-outs and funny words....

Just a quick post to show the latest LOs of each of my two boys. I'm still without a kitchen - one more week to go.... and my uncle and niece are staying until monday. Not much time to get scrapping done...Today my DH will come back from Las Vegas (yippee!) and the weather is said to be good...
The first LO is about something funny Mats said when he was 5. We had just come back from USA, and he had to speak dutch again. His language was a fine mixture of mainly english with german, dutch and norwegian. If you wonder what he means by "medicine" he meant "gazoline"....
And this LO is about something Jonas said when he was 4. The journaling says: " On a cloudy day in september we are sitting at the table eating lunch, when suddenly the sun starts shining. Jonas exclaims; look! it's summer holiday!"
Have a nice weekend!

Monday, June 16

Look at the mess I'm in.....

I just had to do a post about my lovely kitchen at the moment - or rather the lack of it. It used to be behind Lotte where there is now just a grey wall, and yesterday there was a wall at the spot where Lotte stands in this picture. Notice my present "kitchen" to the right of Mats and my fridge is the grey thing in the front of the picture (right side). Can you spot the mound of sand behind Lotte? Didn't you always want that inside your house? It's SO great for the kids to play in - they don't even have to go outside... Let's just hope that this week will fly past us just as fast as it normally does.
Lotte is cleaning up the dust..... Where would I be without her helping hand?

Sunday, June 15

I've been tagged - twice

So now my turn has come to get tagged, and it hit me twice - two different tasks from two different blogging friends, Mi@ and Hege T. I'll do my best at it.

Tag no. 1; answer the following 5 questions:

Her er reglene:"Hver person svarer på spørsmålene om seg selv. I slutten av innlegget gir du det videre til 6 andre personer og fører opp navnene deres. Så legger du igjen beskjed i bloggen deres, om at de er blitt tagget og ber dem lese din blogg. La personen som tagget deg vite det når du har lagt inn svar."

Rules: Answer the following 5 questions in your blog, then mention 6 other friends to get tagged, leave a message in each friends blog that they have been tagged, incl. the one that tagged you.

1) Hva gjorde du for 10 år siden? What did you do 10 years ago?

I lived in Fredrikstad in Norway, worked for a telephone company, Telenor, I was married to Till, but had no kids.

2) Nevn 5 ting du har/hadde på gjøre lista di i dag. Mention 5 things you had on your "todo list" today.

Re-organize my scrapbook room, go out for lunch with my family, update my blog, buy plastic film to protect my furniture, get some scrapbooking done

3) Snack jeg liker. Snacks I like.

Milk chocolate

4) Ting jeg vil gjøre som milliardær. Things I would do as a billionair.

Get rid of all loans. Set up some really good saving fonds for my kids. Buy one appartement in Amsterdam and one in Oslo, finish all the projects on our house and I would find 5 different good causes to support on a regular basis.

5) Steder jeg har bodd. Places I have lived.

Ringstabekk (Norway), Jar (Norway), Zürich (Zwitserland), Mannheim (Germany), Fredrikstad (Norway), Huizen (Netherlands), Beaverton (OR, USA), Blaricum (Netherlands)

I tag Mi@, Helle, Silvia, Gudrun, Lene, Ania

Tag no. 2; quote a book

Find the nearest book, look up page 123, find the 5th sentence and publish the next 3 sentences. Tag 5 persons.

So my book is Ali Edwards, "A designers Eye" and my sentences are:

"He loved that big wheel. Loved to race it around. Loved the feeling of "driving."

I tag Hege T., Trine, Silvia, Gudrun, Lene

Puh! I'm done. Hope you don't mind guys....

12/12 challenge june

I finished my 12/12 challenge lay-out. I'm partly happy with it (don't like the text part), but I got it done, and can move on to other tasks. We've got a lot going on at the moment. We're re-doing the kitchen, and yesterday somebody came an took it out (meaning we don't have a kitchen at the moment...). Tomorrow the dividing wall will be taken down, and the mess starts for real. It will all be worth it in the end, but right now, I'm SO not enjoing....

Friday, June 13

2 more summer memories

Yesterday I finished two more LOs of my summer memories; Blueberries and The beach. The hands on activities on the LOs like sewing and cutting out the letters, I do in the evenings whilst watching football (soccer). This way I can socialize and scrap at the same time. Holland is doing great til now, beating both Italy and France, so even I like to watch....Hup Holland!

Wednesday, June 11

Back from SAG, tired and full of inspiration

I had a great weekend at SAG in Noordwijkerhout and I believe my mother enjoyed it too. It was so nice spending time with her. Saturday evening we stayed up til 2 am looking at old pictures and preparing for the sunday workshops. We had a busy program with workshops every hour, but we just kept going. There were a lot of downsides to the organisation; like bad handouts, wrong or bad kits (like kits and goodybags with 2 years old ugly papers), bad lunch and awful make-and-takes. But as for the teachers and the social side of it, we had a great time. My favorite workshop was CD Muckosky's "My fondest memories", where we learned great techniques with watercolor, DIY tape, buttons, self made letters, tissue paper, low cost scrapbooking at it's best and SO creative. It got me one step closer to finding MY style. Up til now I have been doing a little bit of everything - I just like too much - but I feel most comfortable with the more hands on, DIY, freestyle, not-to-busy-paper kind of style, still with the photos and the story as most important elements. All my latest LOs I have done hand stiching or machine sewing, fabric and lace or painting, handmade and handcut title letters. I did this before CD's workshop, but she got me one step further. A lot of my latest LOs I'm not able to share at the moment, but here are the first finished LOs from CD's workshop (it's my design, CD showed us different techniques, but the design of our LO's we had to figure out ourselves - just the way I like it). As for CD, she was just the sweetest and nicest person. She had her husband helping her out, and they were really the cutest pair I have ever met. If you are not familiar with CD's work you should check her out on her blog. She is one incredible talented girl and was not "scrapbooker of the year 2006" for nothing...

Here are my first two LO's from my collection of 25 favorite summer memories; flowers and eating ice cream:

edited nov. 2008, had to remove the picture, since it is beeing published in Creating Keepsakes....

Tuesday, June 3

getting ready for SAG

I've been busy editing photos for almost a week now. I have to pick out, edit and print all the photos I need for this weekends event, Scrap-a-ganza. I need photos for one hole year for the workshop "A year in the life of...". I have finally picked out my favorite 288 photos for that year, edited pretty much all of them and had them printed. They arrived by post today (ordered them yesterday afternoon - that's what I call service!). Now I am busy journaling about my 25 favorite summer memories. Today I picked out the photos for this workshop. Had to go through ALL my digital photos since 2002. Puuuh! Enough already. I'll do the remaining tomorrow. In between all this photo-computer-stuff I had to do something creative to stay sane, so I put together this cute LO of my two youngest ones. I love this picture, and of course I had to scrap it.