Tuesday, December 23

....and here's a christmas lay out...

...I also made for the Making Memories article in creatief met foto's, december issue. It's showing most of the papers in the collection. The title is handcut felt. This is last years christmas card photo...

Monday, December 22

some more chritmas cards..

These are some of the cards I made for an article in Creatief met foto's. It was an article about Making Memories' Falala collection. Lots of papers and embellishments to show off, so that is why the cards all have different styles.

Sunday, December 21

some christmas cards

Here are some of the 50 christmas cards I made and sent this year. The first one is super-simple with a stripe of crepe paper (I LOVE crepe paper!), a stripe of black fabric and some toga letter stickers glued down on a glitter card with this years christmas picture. Made quite a few of these...

Another simple one. First I sprayed the basic card with glimmer mist, then sewed a stripe of white crepe paper on it, glued down a felt tree and stamped the postal christmas sentiment in the corner.

I made four different color combination of these cards. A piece of scrap design paper, a felt tree, some glued on buttons, a mini piece of ribbon (as stem) and the beloved toga letter stickers...

Saturday, December 20

8 years ago....

...this little guy came into our lives 4 weeks and practically one year early (he was supposed to arrive Jan. 21 2001 but instead he was born on dec. 20 2000). So this is Mats, our little millennium baby boy, who weighed only 2 kg at birth. He was no bigger than a baby born doll and was the cutest little baby ever.

and this is what he looked like after 8 months...when he was not sleeping, he was smiling...

...and after almost 7 year he looked like this...still smiling

..and this is what Mats looks like today, 8 years old..

Wij zijn heel trots op je dat je zo goed op school bent, dat je zo lief bent, dat je een heel liefe groote broer bent, dat je zo goed piano kan spelen, dat je zo leuk kan knutselen en naaien, dat je zo enthusiast voetbal speelt, dat jij 4 taalen spreekt en nog heel veel meer kan. Erg trots!

Wednesday, December 17


....will be the lucky little person getting one of these for christmas. Cute, huh?

Tuesday, December 16

All I want for christmas.....

...are you, my cute little helpers... (they could have gone on for hours...)

Gingerbread cookies recipe

I've had requests for my gingerbread cookies recipe, so here goes (in Norwegian and English):

3 dl lys sirup (light syrup or molasses)
450 g sukker (sugar)
450 g smør (butter)
3 dl kremfløte (cream)
1,5 ts nellik (ground cloves)
1,5 ts ingefær (ground ginger)
1,5 ts pepper (ground pepper)
6 ts kanel (ground cinnamon)
3 ts bakepulver (baking powder)
ca. 1200 g hvetemel (flour)

Smelt sirup, sukker og smør over svak varme. Rør til sukkeret er helt smeltet. Avkjøl litt. Tilsett fløte, krydder, bakepulver og det meste av melet. (Jeg pleier å ta ca 1 kg her). Rør godt sammen og la deigen stå i kjøleskapet til neste dag. Kjevle deigen tynt og stikk ut kaker. (Ta ut en passende porsjon om gangen, slik at deigen holder seg kald. Når du har kjevlet den om igjen noen ganger og den begynner å bli veldig myk, er det lurt å legge den tilbake i kjøleskapet litt). Stek ved 200 grader ca 6-8 min, kommer an på tykkelsen og hvordan komfyren din steker. De blir fort brent, så følg med på slutten!


Melt molasses, sugar and butter on low heat. Mix until sugar is melted. Let it cool down for a few minutes. Mix in the cream, herbes, baking powder and most of the flour (about a kg). Mix well and leave in the fridge over night. Take out only the portion that you will use and leave the rest in the fridge while you work. The dough will get too soft otherwise. Roll out and cut shapes with cookie cutters. Bake at 200 degrees celcius (this is about 350 F), 6 - 8 min. depending on your oven.

When cookies are cooled, you can decorate them with icing (4 dl confectioner's sugar and 1 egg white) and sweets. If you are making a house, you use melted sugar to glue the pieces together. But be careful, its VERY hot!!


Monday, December 15

lovely christmas party....

...just wanted to share these pictures of our lovely friends, Jos and Alette, from last saturday and our combined birthday and pre-christmas party. We served the traditional norwegian christmas dinner, pork sparerib steak or as it is called in norwegian, "Ribbe", mmmmmm....

Saturday, December 13

Happy St. Lucia day!!

Some facts about December 13, and the celebration of St. Lucia. St. Lucia is an Italian saint who has been "adopted" by the Swedes and Norwegians. (She gave her dowry to the poor. Her fiancee denounced her for this. She was blinded and burned. The flames didn't touch her so she was stabbed in the heart. The red sash represents the wound. It is said that she appeared during a famine in Sweden in the middle ages carrying food to the farmers across Lake Vännern.) She is associated with the idea of light. In the middle ages, December 13 fell on the longest day of the year. (In Sweden, the sun is not up very long in winter. In some places it doesn't come up at all.) This holiday celebrates the fact that the days will now get longer.

And this is how it is celebrated: On the morning of December 13, the oldest daughter dresses in a special long white dress with a red ribbon around the waist and white socks and no shoes. She puts a wreath made out of leaves on her head. The wreath has 6 - 8 candles on it. Nowadays the candles are usually battery powered light bulbs instead of real candles. Her sisters also wear special long white dresses but they have shiny ribbons around their waists and they have another shiny ribbon around their heads. They carry a candle in their hands. Her brothers wear a special long white gown with a shiny sash and a pointed hat with three stars on it. They carry a baton with a star on it. They are called Star Boys. The children serve coffee and special saffron bread to the rest of the family. They walk into the bedroom with the oldest daughter in the front, followed by the next tallest girl, down to the smallest. Then the boys follow with the tallest in the front. As they bring in the Lucia bread and coffee the girls sing "Santa Lucia" and then the boys sing "Stefan was a Stable-boy." The children then go to their neighbors and teachers and serve them the coffee and bread. The "bread" is called "Lussekatter" and taste delicious.

Recipe for "Lussekatter" or saffron bread in English

150 g butter
5 dl milk
50 g dry yeast
1/2 ts saffron
150 g sugar
1/2 ts salt
2 ts cardamom
13 dl flour
1 egg and raisins for decoration

Grind saffron with a little sugar in a mortar and pestle. Melt butter, add milk and heat to 40 degrees (too hot to keep your finger in), add salt and saffron. Mix dry ingredients and gradually add the hot milk mixture. Knead the dough. Place in a greased bowl, cover with a damp cloth and let rise til twice the size. Knead again. Divide the dough into 30 parts. Roll into traditional shapes, add raisin decoration and place on a greased sheet. Let rise 15 minutes. Brush with beaten egg. Bake 7-10 minutes at 225 degrees.

Thursday, December 11


Today I have some good and some bad news, and for once I will do the good news first.....

...I am ecstatic to announce that I am a design team member at Papirgleder, one of Norways biggest scrapbooking stores and producer of their own stamps. I am joining a group of 20 very talented designers from around the country. Official start is january 2009 and I am looking SO much forward to beeing a part of this team. Thank you for asking me and for the warm welcome!

...now the bad news. Sadly this means that I have to leave my possission as a design team member at Memory Lane Scrapbooking and there will be no more Dutch Dares for me. I really enjoyed working for lovely Danielle and with the rest of the talented girls in the design team. I am SO sad to go. If you are a dutch reader, you should check out Danielles shop. She's got a lot of specials and priced down products and has an eye for products you will not find anywhere else. Thank you for a great time together and all the best for the future.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, Till!!!!

Today is the day that my dear husband turns 39 for the first time. Happy birthday!!!! It was nice to have Götz, his big brother visiting this morning. Look how cute they are!! Götz is also a big fan of my taste in music, so we had a party this morning, with Rhiannas "Disturbia".
And this is what Till looked like at 39.... (what can I say, he's a thinker.....)
..and here is a sneakie of my present to him; "7 reasons why I love you", which turned out pretty cool. Might show more pics later, but for now I'm keeping this for us... I'll give you the 7 reasons though, cause he's a really great guy, and the world should know....:
1. He's FUNNY!
Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!
I have more big news, but they are about me, and I'll post them later today. This is Tills moment....Tune in later....

Wednesday, December 10

Something cute....

Today's inspiration is a cute little lavender bird I made for my father. Smells good and keeps the moths away... I got the idea of a lavender bird from the book "Made by" by Samantha Loman. I love this book (it's dutch), lots of inspiration and ideas. If you live in the Netherlands and you see this book - buy it! Worth every 795 cents. The design of this particular birdy is my own however, so I'll take credit for that, he, he. Cute gift isn't it?

Sunday, December 7

advents calender / julekalender

I hope you all have had a great weekend. I've had a busy sunday, and so has my sewing machine. I managed to finish 5 childrens aprons today, very cute, and a few other things as well. I did not however make the calender below today, I made it during my stay in Portland in 2005. It's inspired by the norwegian designer, Tone Finnanger and her Tilda. All three kids have to share the calender, so I put a little thing to all three in every bag, and every third day they get to open it. Lotte is loving this SO much, which you probably can see on the pictures below.. Have a nice sunday all you lovely readers!!! And I wanted to say how much I appreciate every little comment you leave behind. Thank you!

Since this is Lottes first year with advent calendar, she got to open the first bag. Look how prowd she is.....

And this is what she got, a color-me magnet bird....
..and here is Jonas opening on february 2nd. Also loving it a lot....

Saturday, December 6

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

Here are some facts about 6 december, taken from the Saint Nicholas centers website. The true story of the American Santa Claus begins with Nicholas, who was born during the third century in the village of Patara. At the time the area was Greek and is now on the southern coast of Turkey. His wealthy parents, who raised him to be a devout Christian, died in an epidemic while Nicholas was still young. Obeying Jesus' words to "sell what you own and give the money to the poor," Nicholas used his whole inheritance to assist the needy, the sick, and the suffering. He dedicated his life to serving God and was made Bishop of Myra while still a young man. Bishop Nicholas became known throughout the land for his generosity to the those in need, his love for children, and his concern for sailors and ships. The anniversary of his death, 6. december, became a day of celebration, St. Nicholas Day. In the Netherlands this is celebrated the night before, on 5 dec. where St. Nicholas brings presents to the children with the help of his Black Pete(s). We are learning to love this tradition, noticing how fascinated the children are of both "Sinterklaas" and "Zwarte Piet". On the first picture you can see St. Nicholas in action, giving presents to the schools in the area where we live, with the help of his Black Petes.

And here is our very own little Black Pete, ore Black Petra as we call her. Here prowdly presenting the present she got from St. Nicholas during his visit to the day care.

And she wasn't afraid to sit on his lap. Many children find this very scary. Here she is showing of her selfmade hat...
...and this is what Lotte ended up doing when all presents were unwrapped...notice her feet? She always takes her socks off, cold days or warm days - drives me crazy

Thursday, December 4

More gingerbread stuff...and this months Dutch Dare

Hello again! I promised to post pictures of finished gingerbread cookies today, and I will, but first out is my christmas hanger that I made for the dutch dare #50. This month we are lucky to have Mariska Hofmann as a guest designer and she picked this months challenge; "gezelligkeit" which means joviality or "hygge" in norwegian. Evi and Mandy made two gorgeous minialbums.
My "LO" is hanging on my living room door as we speak and brings joviality every time we walk through the door, ha, ha. Especially Kalle, the friendly snowman....

And here are my own little gingerbread "babies". So prowd of their selfmade cookies. And so eager to eat them.....