Sunday, December 20

Happy birthday - Gratulerer med dagen, Mats!!!!!

Today my big, little boy turns 9. NINE!!! I can´t believe it! Yesterday we celebrated his birthday with his friends, and one should think that boys (and girl) at that age could sit still for at least 5 minutes while eating cake or to do some fabric stamping. Well, obviously not. Not even the planned cinema at the end was interesting for some of the guests, so we sent them outside to play in the snow...... It also seems that his friends all had asked him what he wished for his birthday, and he probably told them all the same thing, cause they all (except one) came with identical shaped presents, with identical wrapping paper and.....yes, you guessed right; identical toys inside. Ha, ha, ha. He didn´t seem to mind.....

Have a nice 4th of advent! Christmas is closing in on us....

Friday, December 18

A teacher appreciation idea

Some home baked gingerbread cookies, some cellophane, some ribbon, a homemade tag and voila, you have a quick teachers appreciation and Christmas well wishing. Anybody else busy out there???

Wednesday, December 16

making christmas cards......

Made with My mind's eye papers from the "be merry" collection (set) and stamps from Ladybug and friends (papirgleder).

Sunday, December 13

My present...

....for my husband, was this book; 40 facts about you. So glad I made it, so glad he loved it and so glad I could use some of my old chatterbox papers.... To actually be able to finish this huge project on time, I chose for a simple design/consept. It works....

And by the way; Happy St. Lucia day!

Friday, December 11

40 yeas of age!!!!!!

This cute little boy is no longer a boy, but....

....a man in his best years and today he turns 40!!!! Gratulerer masse, masse med dagen i dag kjære Till! Jeg er så utrolig glad for at du er min. Love you!!!!!

The following pictures show only a few sides of you, but nevertheless some of your best.....

This is Till doing his "Joey-look" (from Friends). Till is very good at imitating others....

Have the bestest day ever! xoxoxoxoxxoxox

Wednesday, December 9


Christmas time is closing in on us. Anyone getting stressed??? I can assure you, I am. On top of all the usual Christmas preparations, I have one dh turning 40 in two days and one ds turning 9 in ten. One of the Christmas traditions we have, is the making of gingerbread cookies, and the kids LOVE it. Fortunately we managed to find time to do that on Sunday, so now I only have to find time to decorate them. Probably today...... Here are some images to give you some inspiration and maybe motivate you to do some baking. Today's Christmas calender challenge at CASAkreativ is just about that; take pictures of your Christmas baking and try to capture the mood and the emotions. You can see it was a family happening and I think it is pretty clear that they enjoyed it..... Happy baking...

Tuesday, December 8

Look what I got in the post the other day......

New Sausan designs papers, tags, borders, frames, accordion album and stamps. The new collection is called the Love Generation. Now all I need is time to make some cool stuff. These papers and products are AWESOME!!! And those tags are just the coolest ever. My son already got to play a bit with the boy stamps and made some cool birthday invitations. The name sign is stamped and cut out. Mats couldn't let it be to draw some glasses on some of the boys:):):)

Products used from the Love generation, paper: love, border: bully borders, stamp: little boy mini set.

Wednesday, December 2

A hand to hold...

...and this time it's grandma's hand. I cherish moments like these.... Made this layout for a fall article on Kreative sider some time back.

Tuesday, December 1

December 1st.....

..and counting down to Christmas.... Hope you had a good advent on Sunday and that you all had your candles birning. Today the kids got to open the first present of this years advents calender, and Lotte was very proud to open it and sharing the 3 chocolates inside with her brothers. After school she wanted to open one more....I just might have to keep an eye on her AND the calendar for the next 4 weeks....wish me luck..

Monday, November 30

Tough guy... not something we would call this boy 2 years ago, but at the age of almost nine, he is definitely turning in to one. Playing soccer, hanging out with the boys, catching bugs, fish, frogs and other reptiles, playing more soccer, finding pokemon cards uninteresting!!... Another layout I made in Bergen:

Sunday, November 29

Little girl is growing up...

Hello there! I know it has been very quiet around here lately, but it's so much going on. Sinterklaas is in the country, Christmas is closing in, I have two birthdays coming and I'm doing a lot of photography related things. In addition I have to admit that most of my scrapbooking energy and motivation is absent at the moment. Can only hope it will bounce back one of these days..... Having said that, I did get some stuff done during my stay in Bergen and Papirgleder a few weeks ago, and that felt very good. This is one of the two layouts I finished and shows Lotte coloring inside the lines for the first time. An important moment to document and shows how little girls get bigger all the time, step by step.....

I used an older Label Tulip kit for this layout, mostly cosmo cricket products.

Friday, November 27

Sunday, November 1

November product challenge at CASAkreativ

Well, today is November 1st, and it´s time for new challenges at CASAKreativ. The Norwegian paper design company, Papirdesign, is this months´ sponsor, and just check out the challenge, the prize and all the great stuff the designers have made here. The papers we got, were all christmas papers, so I decided to make a few Christmas cards.

Papirdesign papers: mens vi venter, julekurver, karens jul, swirls, drømmer, pepperkaker
stamp "julehilsen" from Ladybug and friends (papirgleder)

Saturday, October 24

A visit to the Norwegian opera and ballet in Oslo

A few months back, during one of our stays in Norway, we went to see the new Norwegian opera and ballet that is located in the heart of Oslo and is quite an astonishing building. As my Uncle works there we were lucky to have him guide us and show us the fun and fascinating backstage scenes and rooms. It was SO interesting to see what happens behind the curtains and get a glimpse of what technicalities and preparations are needed for a show/performance. The outside of the opera is unique and cool, and architecturally and photographically very interesting, as I am sure the pictures beneath will show:

my boys on the "roof"

Mats in the painting room (where they paint the backgrounds for the different scenes)

Jonas between the paint buckets.

when the scenes are painted, they copy little pictures like these and transform them into a huge scaled painting. Not an easy thing to do.

Here are the dresses prepared and ready for the Swan lake ballet. I loooove these....

Mats is looking around the backstage and finding many interesting things to keep an eye on.

Fascinating architecture details from inside the opera

Here is Mats testing one of the seats inside the hall,

and then a fun technical detail from somewhere backstage

And here an overlook picture of the hall. Looks kind of cool without all the people in it...

Mats and Jonas outside. This pic shows how the building is placed close to the water and the buildings around are being mirrored in the windows.

Have a great weekend, dear readers!!!