Thursday, August 27

Getting ready for classes and Bergen.....

Tomorrow I will be off to Norway, Bergen and Papirgleder to have a good time, meet nice people, give some classes and hopefully meat my grandmother and other family members. I will be leaving the kids in my dear husbands good hands, so nothing to worry about, just enjoying....hee, hee..

Since my grandmother lives very far away, it's not often we get the chance to visit, but she is always doing her best, knitting and making stuff for the children and me. She must be one of the best knitters and crocheters in the world, and still at the age of 87, everything she makes is perfect and we all appreciate it SO much. To say thank you and show her that we appreciate what she does, I made her this mini book, which is a bit different to what I normally make, but I still like it. I got the last kit (august) from Label tulip a few days ago, and I used one of the add on kits to make this book. In the kit there were websters pages, jenni bowlin buttons and alphabet (love it!), basic grey doili paper and gems and loads of flowers. Very vintage, but still very simple. So here are some images...look forward to giving it to her....

If any of you reading this are going to my classes, I look forward to meeting you, and if you are taking my gesso class; DON'T DRESS UP, it will get messy.........and loads of FUN!!! See ya!

Wednesday, August 26

Why? the word at ScrappeMania this month (or "hvorfor" in Norwegian, in case you were wondering about my layouts title...). The word is perfect for a layout about Jonas at the moment, as he is in one of his discovering phases and asking "why" or "how" ALL the time. Most of the time it ends in me telling him to ask his dad (who of course will know how stones are made, or why we have flowers and trees.....) or just plainly "because" when I am tired and just don't know the answer to why fish is healthy. I'm guessing anyone with children know how it is....? Anyway, I made my first transparent hambly layout (ok, I KNOW this was in fashion ages ago, but give me some credit, please....:)). So, this is my colorful and transparent layout held by a very good helper (the subject of my layout of course). Who is holding it all the way to the edges so his fingers will not be in the way of mammas cool layout (his words)....Cutie-putie.....

Monday, August 24

Pencil Lines sketch # 149...

..unfortunately it's been a while, but I finally made another Pencil Lines layout. I was inspired by the circular sketch and the simple elements AND it was perfect for this MLS paper that I had on my desk and these pictures from my trip to Italy in March. Just a funny coincident that MLS (my little shoebox) is this months sponsor at Pencil Lines.

Btw. the man in the picture is just a funny Italian, who wanted me to take his picture.....:)

Sunday, August 23

I just...

...posted another photo tips on the photo blog, in case anyone is interested.

Have a great sunday!

Friday, August 21

Just a little teaser... show I am actually doing creative stuff in between all the photo editing... This is a preview of the upcoming challenge at ScrappeMania on the 25th. Kind of happy with the colors on this layout.... Stay tuned and enjoy the weekend....

Thursday, August 20

5 questions at Fotoverden..

I decided to jump on this "game" at Fotoverden, just for fun; Answer 5 questions and show your favorite picture, so here it goes..

1. Navn, alder, bosted? Name, age, place?

Marianne, 37 years, The Netherlands

2. Hvilket kamera har du? What camera do you have?

Canon 5d Mark II and Canon 450 d

3. Ekstra utstyr? Extra equipment?

Canon 24-70mm, 2.8 L
Canon 70-200mm, 2.8L IS
Canon 50mm, 1.4
Tamron 18-250mm
extern flash

4. Hva fotograferer du mest? What kind of subjects do you photograph the most?

People, children, my children, flowers, nature, abstract

5. Ditt favorittbilde? Favorite picture....

this is a HARD one. How can I pic only ONE???? Well, I looked through my pictures, and this one did stand out as did a few others. I love the colors and the emotion in this pic, and the cute little girl with her red lips is definitely "eatable", mmmm....

So, that's 5 questions about me, now if you can read Norwegian, jump over to Fotoverden and join in...

Wednesday, August 19


...this made me very happy today. Thank you Lene, also for all your sweet words. Highly appreciated!!!!

I also updated my photo blog today with quite a few cute pictures of some very cute people.... cute, cute, cute.....

Have a great Thursday!

Friday, August 14

Celines metallic technique...

I said two days ago, that I managed to finish TWO Pacs projects while staying in Norway; so..... here is the second one. This is from Celine Navarros class; where we made this awesome metallic cover. It's made with pieces of metallic tape, black ink and loads of doodling. We finished the covers (doodling and all) in class, but had to do the interior later. Pure awesomeness. I especially love the doodling. I can assure you I bought myself more of that tape.. The scrapbooking inside isn't very exciting, just a few simple pages about a family trip to Tafelberg in March. The papers are from a french company, called Onirie and came with Celines kit. That little guy on the "Lotte" page, was printed on one of the papers, I just colored it yellow....:):)
the back cover....
just a few of the pages inside. Very simple and straight forward....

Thursday, August 13

Skissedilla #20

I did another skissedilla layout this week! Yeah! Lots of cool sketches to find there, if you need inspiration or a kickstart and the designers are amongst the best in Norway, all of them. The layout is about the kids at the cabin in the mountains of Norway (Nesbyen) where we stayed for a few days this summer. I used mostly stuff from a Label Tulip kit, one of the add on kits from June. Paper is Chatterbox, letters are sassafraslass, the little ticket is Jenni Bowlin and the calendar stamp is from an older Label Tulip kit (love that stamp!). I guess it's impossible to see the delicious texture of the paper, it's velvet pattern, mmmmm....really cool!

Wednesday, August 12

Summertime is good for finishing off older projects...

...isn't it? I brought with me several kits that I needed to finish off, to Norway, with big hopes of getting it all done during my 3 week stay. Of course it turned out I was hoping for TOO much, but I DID finish 2 cool projects from my class kits from PACS Italy this year. I will show one of them here today. It's the acrylic album from the uebertalented Lory's class and it's a book about me for once. I LOVE the colors, the fabric and elements and tecniques from this projects. All thought through brilliantly by Lory. I especially like the blue thickers from American Craft, that make every page pop. To make the book MINE and not just a copy of Lory's (which was absolutely fab, btw.), I did give it my own twist. I arranged the acrylic elements alongside, so that it could also stand on it's own. And I did the design of the pages my own way, so I guess I could take credit for that part:). More importantly it now feels like it's MY book, where I can write thoughts and dreams and maybe a few secrets...

This is the front of the book when it is closed (the stamp on the front is from Scarlet Lime btw.):

and this is what it looks like when it is open and standing (these pics were all taken by my lovely cousine, Martine, hi Martine!!!):close up of the first page:one more close up to show how the tag opens up and holds journaling and a quote:close up of page 2:
and page 3 (you might spot some hambly rub ons there...?):
and here is page 4 (the back of page 3) and it's about the love of my life....:

and I think this is my favorite part of this book, a plastic envelope that is glued to the back of the album and holds little mini layouts where I can write about "secrets and dreams". This way I can extend this book as I grow older and change...And finally, little pics of the cards/layouts inside the pocket, and as you can see I didn't finish all of them. I will fill in my journaling as time goes and I have something to write.

Tuesday, August 11

It´s scRapping time at ScrappeMania again...

..and we scRapped a famous Norwegian scrapbooker this time: Ingunn also known as "Smultringunn" in Norway. Ingunn has been published many times in CK and was one of the 10 finalists in SOY 2007. She is known for her beautiful classical C&S style. The LO we chose to lift, is one of my all time favorites of hers, so be sure to take a look here. We were also sponsored by Transparent Touches (TTT) this month and we decided to make a bonus project each, so we could showcase more of the cool transparent sentiments. It´s still vacation time for some of the Mania designers, but the few of us that are still around made some cool stuff. Just check it out here. I made my LO about Lotte turning 3 and covered the biggest picture with the cool "today" transparent circle and placed it in a cup cake paper to make it pop. It didn´t turn out as good as Ingunn's, but it's a nice LO to have nevertheless...

Then I made a simple card, using the "smile" TTT, some fabric and some Sausandesign paper and border stamp. I stamped the border on white cardstock, cut out the scallopped edge and colored the image with sharpies to make it stand out a bit more. Plain and simple....

Sunday, August 9

I love summertime....

Hi there! You might have noticed that I haven't been around much lately, and that might just have to do with me being on vacation in Norway for 3 weeks....enjoying the beach, the mountains, nature, picking blueberries, cabins, fishing, family+++ isn't life beautiful????

I just updated my photoblog with some favorite photos from our time there, but I do have a few to share here as well:

Here are Till and his sister Steffi, and all the kids on a gorgeous old doorway in Aasgaardstrand. It took quite a few shots to get ONE good one.... why is it SO hard to look at the camera, all at the same time...?
I got to visit my grandmother at the cabin twice this time, and I got Steffi to take a picture of us together. It was really nice being there again, swimming in the lake, picking blueberries, eating rømmegrøt (sorry, no translation for that)...
....reading old Donald Duck strips....
..and I managed to take a decent family picture in Denmark while waiting for the ferry boat. I put the camera on a table nearby and pushed the timer release. The surroundings were beautiful...
...and here is Steffi at her very best. Doing Yoga in the wild nature of Norway's mountains. It does look pretty cool doesn't it???

So, that's it for now. Have got lot's to do, but right now the bed is calling. Have a great Sunday!

Wednesday, August 5

Upcomming classes at Papirgleder Aug. 28.-30.

As the following information is about my upcoming classes at Papirgleder by the end of August and meant for Norwegians only, I will continue in Norwegian.

August er allerede her, hjelp! Det betyr at det ikke er lenge til jeg skal til Bergen igjen og holde kurs. Helgen 28. august til 30. august skal jeg altså holde kurs og nedenfor ser dere en oversikt over kursene jeg skal holde. Og ikke nøl med å spørre meg per e-mail hvis det er noe du lurer på ang. kursene. Håper å se både nye og kjente fjes....

En designprosess - teori i praksis

Driver du med scrapbooking er du en designer. Vi som driver med denne hobbyen er alle kreative sjeler og det blir som regel fint det vi lager. Men har du noen gang hatt lyst til å bli sikrere på det du gjør? Vite litt mer om hvordan du skal bygge opp designet, hvilke farger du skal bruke, når du bør stoppe, vite mer om hva du kan gjøre når du står fast og ikke vet hvordan du skal komme deg videre på layouten? I dette kurset vil jeg gå igjennom forskjellige designprinsipper, vise eksempler på hvordan man bruker prinsippene i praksis og hvilke virkemidler man har for å lage et godt design. Kjennskap til dette vil hjelpe deg i den kreative prosessen, gjøre deg mer selvsikker, du vil jobbe raskere og designene vil bli bedre. Dette kurset passer både for nybegynnere og viderekomne og til scrapbooking i alle stiler. Vi vil til slutt lage en layout hvor vi bruker det vi har lært. Du bør ha med deg et utvalg bilder, slik at du kan bygge designet rundt disse. Lurt å ta med noen forskjellige å velge i. Du hjelper deg selv hvis du gjør deg noen tanker om teksten/budskapet på layouten du vil lage på forhånd. Ellers må du ha med basisutstyr som lim, papirkutter, penner, saks, osv.

Tidspunkt: fre. 28. aug. kl. 19:00 - 21:30 Pris 350,-

Moro med kreppapir

Kreppapir er et "gammelt" og tradisjonelt produkt som blir mye brukt på skoler og i barnehager, og det er ikke uten grunn at dette brukes så mye. Det er et utrolig fleksibelt og morsomt materiale å jobbe med og kan brukes til veldig mye fint. På dette kurset skal dere lære forskjellige måter å bruke kreppapir til å fiffe opp både layouter, kort og minialbum. Og vi skal selvfølgelig lage en layout hvor vi bruker teknikkene vi har lært. Ta med basisutstyr, hobbylim og et utvalg av bilder. Her er noen eksempler på noe jeg har laget med kreppapir (vi skal ikke lage dette, men det viser noe av teknikkene vi skal lære på kurset..)

Tidspunkt: lø. 29. aug. kl. 14:00 - 16:30 Pris 350,-

Teknikkurs med gesso og maling

Du har kanskje hørt om gesso, men har ikke turt å kjøpe eller bruke det. Eller du har aldri hørt om det. Eller du har brukt det, men ønsker nye ideer om hvordan du kan bruke det i scrapbooking sammenheng. Uansett hvilken kategori to tilhører, dette blir et morsomt og lærerikt kurs. Men jeg kan love deg at du ikke kommer her ifra uten å ha lært noe - og heller ikke med rene hender:). Vi skal lage vår egen bakgrunn, lage avtrykk og mønster. Og vi skal grise med maling og være skikkelige kunstnere. Rett og slett ha det gøy. Nedenfor er noen eksempler på layouter jeg har laget med gesso og maling...

Tidspunkt: lø. 29. aug. 18:00 - 20:30 Pris 350,-