Wednesday, December 29

Tuesday, December 28

Use your stash, part II

Hi, I hope everyone are having a good holiday and getting ready for the new year. I am in Norway, enjoying (and somewhat suffering) the cold, cold winter and lots of snow:). Some posts ago, I mentioned going through my older stash to find inspiration to start scrapbooking again. I found a lot of cool papers and left over stuff from different kits and older shopping sprees, and I decided to put together my own kits to hopefully get me going again. I will in the weeks to come show some of these kits here and maybe it will inspire some of you to use your older stuff too. Right now I can't wait to get back to the Netherlands and start creating with this kit. It might have a somewhat unusual color combination, but I like it and think it will work fine for a mini album. We'll see....

kit 1 toc vm

kit 1a toc vm

Monday, December 20

Gratulerer med dagen, Mats!!!!

I find it hard to believe, but today my boy is 10!!!!!! How can the years have gone by so fast????? 10 years ago, you were a tiny, little baby, exactly the size of a baby born doll. You were born in Fredrikstad, and today, 10 years later, we will celebrate the day back in Fredrikstad, at least for a few hours. A happy happy birthday to you, my boy:) Gratulerer masse, masse med dagen, Mats! Mamma og Pappa er kjempeglad i deg:):):)

Friday, December 17

Birthday treats

Mats' birthday is coming up soon, and I made these treats to give to the kids. It's chocolate bars that I redecorated with Christmas paper (Basic Grey), torn fabric ribbon, a ticket and a button. I gave a tutorial about this last year, that can be seen here.

BB sjokolade

Thursday, December 16

Neighbours' Christmas gifts...

...are also homemade this year. I made these cones and filled them with sugar roasted almonds.

BB kremmerhus

Wednesday, December 15

This years teachers appreciation again eatable and homemade. I used cup cake liners to keep the cookies in. I glued two liners together to obtain more stability and to get the design on both sides. Then made a bag of cellophane and secured them with a piece of older Basic Grey christmas paper. The Christmas greeting "God jul" is Norwegian and is a stamp from Papirgleder. Easy peasy:) You can find earlier projects similar to these that I made for other occasions here and here, including a tutorial.

Tuesday, December 14

More December daily - day 11 - 13

After some busy days, I am catching up on my Dd pages. Here are pages 11 to 13. Yesterday I made made "lussekatter" and took to school as a treat. When I later came to pick up the kids, the kids from Mats' class greeted me very friendly. Kids that never ever said hi to me or even registered that I was alive, smiled and greeted!!!! The buns must have been a success:):):) I also managed to make "burned almonds", which I think is a Norwegian specialty (don't arrest me if it's not). It really is just almonds coated in sugar and roasted in the pan until the sugar is smelted. Very yummy. AND I made some cute teacher and friends appreciations. Will show tomorrow! Have a good day

Dd day 10&11

Dd day 11&12

Dd day 13&14

Monday, December 13

Happy St. Lucia day!

Today is St. Lucia day and I will be making "lussekatter" to bring to school. If you want to know all about St. Lucia and the recipe for these delicious buns, you can check out my post from 2 years back where I tell you all about it. There seems to be a lot of interest in information about this day and the recipe of "lussekatter". As they do not celebrate this day here in the Netherlands, I have taken it upon me to educate my kids' school about it and bring them the "lussekatter" every year. Always highly appreciated. While researching for some facts about the Scandinavian celebration of this day, I stumbled upon this film on youtube, and it shows a fun side of how the celebration is done.

Saturday, December 11

For my husband: It's the little things.....

...that makes me love you. As today is your birthday, I made this little showcase of cute pictures of you through the last years. These show just a little bit of what a wonderful person you are, what a good father, a good friend and how funny you are. And of course the best husband one can ask for. Thank you for being you and mine and ours:) Best birthday wishes and 1000 kisses. I love you:)

thank you for carrying my stuff wherever we are....


Good friends; mr sporty, mr casual and mr suit...

daddy's little girl...

Friday, December 10

December daily - day 9 & 10

Had a great day today and what a good feeling it is. Started out with a zumba workout, then having a friend over for a cup of tea (and some cookies:)). Lotte brought a girlfriend home from school, and they helped baking a cake for daddy, who's birthday it is tomorrow. And Mats helped me baking pizza for dinner, while Jonas and Lotte watched "Jul i Svingen" on tv. Anyway, here is my simple solution to this years Dd day 9 and 10, keeping the journaling short and letting the pictures speak their own stories. I still didn't find the time to take quality pictures of the book, but I have some sneaks of my other sections in the book, like the recipe section and the Christmas tradition section.

Dec. Daily day 9

Dd day 10

Dd day 10 - 2


Thursday, December 9

December daily - day 7, 8 and 9

I am actually going quite strong with my December daily project this year and today I am actually ajour! What a wonderful feeling! I have used a pretty simple concept, to help me actually complete the project and I love using the cool pictures taken with my iphone and instagram app. Did I mention I L O V E my new iphone):):). Anyway, here is day 7, 8 and half of 9. Will show more of the rest of the book when I have more pictures. I am quite happy with my concept. I have a section for recipes, Christmas traditions and yearly Christmas card photos as well. I plan to use this concept every year and just change the "daily" pages.

Wednesday, December 8

iphone and apps

Just having fun with the new technology of today, like my new iphone and apps like Needless to say; I love it and especially this app. that make my pictures look cool. Anyway, here's a sneak peak of my December daily that I am working on right now:)

Monday, December 6

Birthday invitations

Mats' birthday is coming up, so this weekend Mats made his invitations. He used Sausan Designs' cool retro TV stamps and also the cute little birds and owls set. And for the text, he used October Afternoon small typing stamps. Very easy peasy, but kinda cute, me thinks:). Lotte was his right hand helper to organize the cards, while he was working. It's starting to be a tradition to use Sausan Designs products for our kids invitations, and they really are perfect for it. Here are last years cards, and here are Jonas' invitations from last year:)

Saturday, December 4

German cinnamon stars - recipe

These are definitely my favorite Christmas cookies of all. I am actually not a bit cookie fan (except for chocolate chip cookies:)), but these are delicious. They are made of almonds and sugar and are topped with meringue. And best of all, very easy to make.

I have done my best to translate my Norwegian recipe to English, but I am using European measurements. To complicated and time consuming otherwise, but I do have the link to an English recipe here (It´s a bit different to mine, so I don't know how it turns out. Sorry!)

500 g finmalte mandler (finely ground almonds)
3 eggehviter(egg whites)
250 g melis (powdered sugar)
2 ts kanel (cinnamon)

Stivpisk eggehvitene, tilsett melis og pisk lett. Sett til side ca. 1/3 av marengsen. Bland forsiktig inn mandlene og kanel i resten av massen til det blir en fast deig.

Kjevle ut til ca. 5 mm tykk (bruk mel for å unngå at deigen setter seg fast). Stikk ut stjerner med små stjerneformer (ca. 3,5 cm) og legg dem på en stekeplate. Pensle på relativt tykt lag med marengsmassen (som du satte til side).

Stekes ved 150 grader i ca. 10 minutter (marengstoppingen skal være hvit). Kakene er best når de er litt seige (minner om kransekaker)

And now in English:

Whip egg whites to a peak. Sift powdered sugar and slowly add to egg whites. Set aside 1/3 of the meringue to decorate cookies. Add cinnamon and ground almonds to the mass left and mix to a dough.

Sprinkle a surface with flour (I prefer this to powdered sugar) and roll the dough to approximately 5 mm.
Cut out cookies with a 2 inch star shaped cookie cutter and transfer onto baking pan lined with parchment paper. Brush cookies with the meringue.

Bake at 150 degrees (Celsius) for about 10 min (the topping should still be white).

Bon appetit!

Friday, December 3

The finished gingerbread house...

....which I find turned out pretty cute. The kids love it and Mats suggested we do a set up like this for every season. As for the set up I just used what I had at hand; my sweet old angles (that I knitted way back when I was a poor student in Mannheim, Germany), cute little wooden gnomes that the kids made last year, a candle snowman, some cotton and battery controlled lights inside the house. It looks pretty cozy, doesn't it?

Have a good day and drop by tomorrow if you are interested in the recipe for my yummy cinnamon stars....

Thursday, December 2

Keeping busy...

...and I am sure I am not the only busy person at the moment:). I decided to do a "December daily" project, instigated by Ali Edwards, this year. I have wanted to do this for years, but never quite found the time to. Well this year I'm on. I already made the basic album and pages, so that I can just fill it with the everyday pictures as I go. I decided to combine it with recipes and Christmas traditions as well, so I can use the same base every year. Will show pictures later.

So, yesterday was Dec. 1st, and the kids enjoyed opening the first bag of the Christmas calender. After school, the kids helped me decorating the gingerbread house that I had prepared. After using Ikeas pre-made ones for years, I decided to use my own design this year. Not very complicated, but I quite like it. And the kids LOVE it of course:) They were very good little helpers with putting on and tasting the sweets.

Wednesday, December 1

selfmade christmas card kit

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been going through my old stash, and teamed it up in new kits to get me inspired. I still love most of my old papers and embellishments, and this is a good way to put them to use.

In this kit I put some old Basic Grey and Papirdesign Christmas papers, Elsie fabric paper, some older Daysy D's and Fancy Pants rub-ons, Jenny Bowlin letter stickers, silver glitter Thickers from American Crafts, Christmas stamps from Papirgleder, chip buttons from Elsie and some felt, ribbons and lace to decorate as I please. Now I can only hope I can manage to conjure some Christmas cards from this:)

Tuesday, November 30

Felted basket

As promised yesterday, here is the knitted and felted bag or maybe basket is a more appropriate name. I knitted is as if it was a huge hat (it was really huge before I felted it). I'm sorry that I don't have the recipe for this one either, but if you know a bit about knitting, it really is super easy. I just made it up as I went. I started at the top, and used quite a big round pin and thick wool. When it was finished it looked like a giant hat with 2 holes. It was very exiting to see how it turned out after being in the wash, and I was happily surprised. It had shrunk to a very cute little basket (app. 22 cm in diameter). I now use it for my small knitting projects.

Monday, November 29

Felted princess crown

Hey again! I did promise to blog more and show more stuff, so here's today's post. And here is Lotte and her felted princess crown. Can you tell if she likes it? Well, she really loves it and it was made in just a few hours. If you wonder about the recipe, I just made it up as I went (and got lucky) and unfortunately I don't remember exactly what I did, just that I started out with 12 masks and used big pins and quite thick wool. Sorry! It was 60 cm long when finished and approximately half that size after the felting. To felt it I washed it in the washing machine at 60 degrees, and out it came; perfect size. Did I mention I was lucky? Tomorrow I will show a cool felted bag... Have a great week:)

Sunday, November 28

I have been scrapbooking!

And what a wonderful feeling it is to get creative again after months of paper nothingness. What got me going yesterday, was this sketch on the Crate Paper blog, and the fact that I just got some very cool new Crate Paper papers:) Have a great Sunday! I'm off for a fun family tennis tournament.....

Friday, November 26

Pepernotjes and stars...

Hello, anybody still out there???? Let me just say, that there has been so little going on here the last months, that I am very thankful for whoever is still dropping by:) Thank you, you are highly appreciated! And if you are still interested in seeing what I have been doing or making lately, you might find some interesting stuff here in the future. I am happy to announce that my creative energy and juices are starting to pop back. I have been doing some scrapbooking, some knitting and felting and I have re-organized my scrapbooking stuff and made my own cool kits to get me started. I will show you in a later post.... As for today; I baked "pepernotjes" and Cinnamon stars with Lotte and all three kids made sinterklaas and zwartepietjes from marzipan. Quite happy with my day so far...