Tuesday, October 19

A walk in the woods

There are pretty amazing recreation areas around where we live here in Holland and it's all within a few minutes either by car or bike. On Sunday we tested a new area, just five minutes away, and I must say it was gorgeous. Fantastic, huge trees, the ground was "carpeted" with brown leaves, and the walking path was perfect for both walking and cycling. Lotte, who has just learned to ride the bike without side wheels (actually she probably new how too for a long time, but the bike has been broken for months) rode like she'd never done anything else, while the boys (incl. Mats' friend Felix) collected sticks and checked out the bugs and mushrooms.

Monday, October 11

sign of life....

sooo, anybody else out there struggling with time issues and lacking creativity???? I apologize for being such a bad blogger (or non-blogger really) lately, but I've had to prioritize my time massively the last months, just to keep afloat. So, what have I been doing you might wonder. First off, having three kids, does require some "work", like cooking, cleaning, washing a never ending mountain of clothes, grocery shopping, shopping for clothes and shoes. I tell you, those feet grow unbelievably fast, and when you have 3 pairs of them who need shoes for summer, winter, in between, for playing, for the beach, for school, for football, for tennis, for school gymnastics and for rainy days, well that mounts to quite a mountain too. And just when you think you've got all the shoes you need, two or more of the feet have grown again, and you have to buy new ones - AGAIN. I just had a massive clean out in some of our rooms, and it resulted in a filled to the brim-car, of clothes, shoes and toys, ready for recycling and hopefully re-use. Boy, did that feel good...

Back to the time managing issues, there is now a fair amount of "taxi-driving" involved in my weekly planning, either for me or my husband, as the boys play football and tennis several times a week, and not at the same time of course. Thankfully Lotte has not started any after school activities yet. Lord knows how I will manage that. Let's just say things are a lot easier when DH Till is working from home and can do his share of the driving and helping out. Does this all sound boring to you? What about ME, you might think... Well, I am working out 3 times a week, I read quite a lot (to get some quiet time) and I still have my photography business, which is doing well, and this represent my ME time at the moment. And then there's the US-time, as in me and my husband, I am trying to use more of my evenings with him, even if it just means holding his hand while watching TV or reading a book. At least we are together (a year ago, most evenings were spent in my scrapbooking room)

I don't know, do you see any time left for scrapbooking or other creative activities??? Well, unfortunately I don't. I did for a while, but there is no question, it did have an impact on my family- and social life. I guess I overdid it, and quite frankly got burned out. SO, now I am prioritizing what I feel is most important right now, and these are it:

So, sorry, if not much interesting is shown on this blog at the moment. I will try to pop by as soon as I have something interesting to say, ask or show:) Think happy thoughts:):):)