Tuesday, November 30

Felted basket

As promised yesterday, here is the knitted and felted bag or maybe basket is a more appropriate name. I knitted is as if it was a huge hat (it was really huge before I felted it). I'm sorry that I don't have the recipe for this one either, but if you know a bit about knitting, it really is super easy. I just made it up as I went. I started at the top, and used quite a big round pin and thick wool. When it was finished it looked like a giant hat with 2 holes. It was very exiting to see how it turned out after being in the wash, and I was happily surprised. It had shrunk to a very cute little basket (app. 22 cm in diameter). I now use it for my small knitting projects.

Monday, November 29

Felted princess crown

Hey again! I did promise to blog more and show more stuff, so here's today's post. And here is Lotte and her felted princess crown. Can you tell if she likes it? Well, she really loves it and it was made in just a few hours. If you wonder about the recipe, I just made it up as I went (and got lucky) and unfortunately I don't remember exactly what I did, just that I started out with 12 masks and used big pins and quite thick wool. Sorry! It was 60 cm long when finished and approximately half that size after the felting. To felt it I washed it in the washing machine at 60 degrees, and out it came; perfect size. Did I mention I was lucky? Tomorrow I will show a cool felted bag... Have a great week:)

Sunday, November 28

I have been scrapbooking!

And what a wonderful feeling it is to get creative again after months of paper nothingness. What got me going yesterday, was this sketch on the Crate Paper blog, and the fact that I just got some very cool new Crate Paper papers:) Have a great Sunday! I'm off for a fun family tennis tournament.....

Friday, November 26

Pepernotjes and stars...

Hello, anybody still out there???? Let me just say, that there has been so little going on here the last months, that I am very thankful for whoever is still dropping by:) Thank you, you are highly appreciated! And if you are still interested in seeing what I have been doing or making lately, you might find some interesting stuff here in the future. I am happy to announce that my creative energy and juices are starting to pop back. I have been doing some scrapbooking, some knitting and felting and I have re-organized my scrapbooking stuff and made my own cool kits to get me started. I will show you in a later post.... As for today; I baked "pepernotjes" and Cinnamon stars with Lotte and all three kids made sinterklaas and zwartepietjes from marzipan. Quite happy with my day so far...