Monday, February 14

Fun and colorful birthday treats

This is a little tutorial for a fun and easy project. I made these little envelopes together with my oldest son (10 years), so this is something you can do with your kids or even have them do for you:) Anyway I had the idea, after making pumpkin soup and keeping the seeds (I just hate throwing them away), that seeds are actually something most kids appreciate. The fact that it's free, doesn't make it any less interesting for them; it's something they can sow by them self, take care of and nurture and see growing, and maybe - if they are lucky - they get to harvest a pumpkin or two. As Mats was going to 2 birthday parties last week, we made these envelopes to add to the bigger present. They can be given as birthday treats as well or just for fun.

So here's how we did it. First I cut out squares of 13x13 cm. I used the Funky Funky papers from Sausan designs, that I still love, love the bold colors and the fun patterns. I cut of the corner of the bottom corner (see pic), and folded the right and left corner like in the first picture. If you need measurements, they have to be folded to the middle of the square, so you can mark it 12,5 cm from all sides. Then I folded the bottom corner up until it made a good looking envelope and glued it with Aleene's tacky glue (my favorite adhesive).

Then I folded the last corner and the envelope was finished. For the "label" I used one of the stamps from Sausan designs Karl und Karla set. I cut it out and glued it to the front with 3D tape. Easy peasy...... Hope this inspired some of you to keep some of those seeds you can collect for free and make someone else happy:)

Friday, February 11

Very simple, very good apple cake - cooking with kids

Lotte and I have been busy again, and this time we made apple cake. It's very easy to make, just see here:

You need:

200 g butter (room temp.)
200 g sugar
4 eggs
200 g flour
2 ts baking powder
salt, muskat
2 apples

Like Lotte is showing you here, you take 2 apples, peal them, cut them in 4 pieces.

you cut each piece like this (slices but not all the way through). We used the egg slicer, but of course you could do this with a knife.

To mix the batter, you first mix butter and suger until it's creamy and almost white. Then add one egg at a time. Mix in the dry stuff and voila the batter is finished.

Then of course you have to taste the delicious batter....mmmmm!

Spread the batter in a baking pan and put the apple pieces on top like in the first pic. Bake at 170 degrees (Celsius) in 45 - 60 min. and then you have the finished cake. Perfect for a Saturday or Sunday tea.

Wednesday, February 9

My absolute favorite project - ever!

So, here is another project that I have never shown here, and it happens to be my all time favorite:) I couldn't show this mini back in Dec. 2008, as it was to be published in the Norwegian magazine Vi Scrapper, and after that I kinda forgot - until now. And since it is my favorite mini, and it is about my lovely husband, I think it deserves it's own post. I made this book for my husbands birthday and called it "7 reasons why I love you". The cover is made of a piece of fabric that I inherited from my late mother-in-law many years ago (I think she might have made it herself as a little girl), so it represents something special. The pages are different scraps of papers, packaging and even wall paper samples. It's clean and simple and it's fun and sentimental (if you read the text) and Till always keeps it close, right next to his bed - you know - as a reminder in our everyday life:)

Tuesday, February 8

My birthday in pictures:)

I had a fantastic and very relaxing birthday yesterday. I was pampered like a queen and got the best birthday presents I could wish for: breakfast in bed, home made cake, drawings from my kids (Jonas drew a cook, because I'm such a "good cook" he said), a husband who took time off from work to spend with me:), first sign of spring (crocus), phone calls and birthday wishes in many different languages and dialects and best of all; fairly well behaved children:)

min bursdag collage

Sunday, February 6

A fun notebook made of left-overs

This is something I made for my niece Mercedes' birthday, quite some time ago, but I never got around to make a post about it. It is one of my favorite projects ever, so I thought it should be shared, hopefully to inspire some of you to use your leftovers and make something useful and cool. This is a sort of a notebook, one to put pictures in, or poems, or have friends write something in it, whatever you like, really. There is also a little envelope to keep little keepsakes in. The cover is made of a piece of fabric that I found amongst my mother-in-laws stuff many years back - thinking it could be useful some day:). Well, what do you know.... I especially liked using this piece of fabric for Mercedes' book, as she was very close to her grandmother (my MIL), before she lost the battle against cancer a few years back.

I also used leftover pieces of ribbon and fabric, paper scraps and tags, even packaging. There really are no limits to what you can use to make something like this, and ANYBODY could make it, scrapbooker or not. SO, today's message is: use your stash and make someone happy:)