Monday, October 31

Who would have thought.....

...that little me would ever be in a big article like this? Check out Instagramers to know more:) Guess I have no secrets any more....

Have a great day!


Sunday, October 30

Iphoneography tips - Big lens app

A short while ago I bought an app for my iphone called Big lens. It's an app to imitate shallow depth of field, but it also has some pretty cool filters to choose from. You can choose f-stop from f3.5 to f1.8 and you can choose what shape you want your bookeh to be. I find it a pretty good imitation of the real deal (being a DSLR with a good lens:)) and it can change an ordinary picture to something more interesting or even quite stunning. Definitely worth the price of 0,79 €. If you want to know more about the app and its functions, you can read all about it in this article. These are just some of my own try outs:


Wednesday, October 26

Coolest business cards EVER!!!!

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I dare say I just ordered the coolest business cards EVER!!! Many of you have probably already heard of Moo, but if you haven't, take a look at these. At Moo you can order business cards with a different photo or design on every card, you can choose rounded corners or not, orientation, photo on the text side or not, what paper to use AND they have mini cards as well, which you just have to check out for yourself on their site. So many creative ways to use this, and one of them is to show your best pictures as sort of a hands-on portfolio. I ordered one set of iphone cards and one set of picturely spoken cards:) I can't wait till I get these in my hands!!!


Tuesday, October 25

Photography class - Notice the little things

I've been a photo-maniac since I was 14 years old, always noticing things and motives that most people don't even see or recognize. I see the world in rectangles or squares:) My photographic journey from photographing with my first analogue SLR at 14, to where I am today has been a long and interesting one. I am 100 % self taught and many many hours have been spent figuring things out, learning about the technical stuff, learning about composition, light, communication with my subjects and how to best enhance the pictures in Photoshop. There is so much to learn and know, and no matter how many hours you put in, there will always be new things to learn and find out about, especially in today's constantly changing digital and social media dominated world.


General photography class
No matter if you have a big DSLR camera with fancy functions, a compact camera or just a telephone, the possibilities of taking good and interesting pictures are there. It's all about seeing and noticing and that's what I want to talk about and teach in my classes. I will talk about the technical basics, but my main focus will be on the creative aspect of photography, composition and design rules, how to take better pictures by noticing the light and how it will effect the subject, or by just using a different angle. I will talk about seeing the beauty around you and in our every day life, how to treasure "the little things" and notice what a wonderful world we live in.

Price: € 40,- (must be payed ahead to secure the spot)

Iphoneography class
This class is meant for those of you who have an iphone, and would like to learn more about this new way of photographing. You will learn how to make best use of the camera function, how to take better pictures with it,  what to do in difficult lighting conditions and how to enhance your pics on the phone. I will talk about most of the things from my general class, but from an iphoneographers point of view. And I will talk about my favorite apps, how to use them and what they are for.

Price: € 35,- (must be payed ahead to secure the spot)

All classes will be small groups, not more than 8 participants, so you will be able to ask questions throughout.

For the coming weeks I have put up a list of possible dates for classes. I might not host a class on every date, but if there is enough interest I will. The possible dates are:

29. Oct.: 14:00-16:30
5. Nov.:  14:00-16:30
6. Nov.:  14:00-16:30
13. Nov.: 14:00-16:30

So, if you are interested in taking one of my classes, send me an e-mail ( indicating what type of class you are interested in, what times you would be able to join/attend, what kind of camera you have and how much experience you have. If you live in Amsterdam or other areas not too far from Blaricum, there is a possibility for holding a class there as well. Let me know if you are interested.

I will be posting some "behind the scenes" pictures from my other classes on my FB page, Picturely spoken, so check in later if you're interested:) 


Monday, October 24

Article about instagramming in Het Parool

Read the hole article
I guess there are some milestones that are bigger than others. Having 5 of my pictures and being called an instagramcelebrity in a Dutch national paper Het Parool, Saturday Oct. 22. 2001, is definitely one of the BIG ones!!! The newspaper brought out a 4 page article about instagram, instagraming and the #instagramwalk020, and I just now finally saw the article myself. This definitely beats my only other mention in a newspaper ever, which was about a basketball match where I played well when I was 15!!!!! Haha! In a local Norwegian paper:)

And the winner iiiiis.........

...Fauve!!! As in Fauve van Maanen! Congrats Fauve! You are the winner of the cute little lunch bag from Poppydesign. Email me your address and you will have it to use as you wish asap:)

If you did not win this time, watch out for more giveaways from both Poppydesign and Gudrun Loennecken's later on.


Friday, October 21

Picturely spoken
I finally did it!!! I made an official and professional facebook page, Picturely spoken!!! I'm a tiny bit proud today, after days of going very late to bed (3 am at the earliest!). So, if you like what you see, please take a moment to check it out and "like it if you like it":) Greetings from sunny (!!!!!) Holland!!


Thursday, October 20

Iphone app for scrapbookers

I think many of you already know how much I love my iphone and the new hype iphoneography. I have spent a lot of time getting to know my iphone camera and quite a few of the many apps one can use to enhance them. Although the iphone camera can not in any way compete with a DSLR camera technically speaking, it has many other things going for it, such as size, easy handling and availability (one tends to always have ones telephone close by:)). The very biggest advantage however is all the amazing, incredible, inspiring and fun applications one can buy for very little money. It has opened up a hole new level of creativity for me when it comes to photography with 100s of different filters and effects to use and combine. And, the best thing is, I can take a picture and edit it on the spot, where ever I am, maybe while waiting for the dentist, or at the hair dressers or on the bus. I can use all those little moments to do something I really love. This post is about one of those apps, namely one that is perfect for scrapbooker: Notica (btw. I'm not being sponsored here, although I certainly feel I should after being the reason many of my friends and class participants took a liking to both the app and the iphone:))

So what is Notica? It's kind of a diary with pictures. The app allows you to make little cards like the ones you see here. You can take a picture with the app or upload one from your camera roll, use one of the 9 integrated filters, add text and geo tag and voila, you have a card like this. You can practically scrapbook as you go. Like the second pic above; I took the pic, edited it and made this little card while waiting for the train. The third card I made while waiting for my plane on Schiphol. Then, if I want to, I can upload the cards to facebook or twitter or I can e-mail it to a friend or I can upload it to my computer, print it out and scrap it:) Can you see the coolness of this? Btw. do you recognize the pic in the first card? It's the photo I used to make my new blog logo:)

I hope you will leave a note if you find this interesting or if you have any questions. Please let me know on if you have any technical issues with my blog or with leaving a comment. And don't forget my cute giveaway in my last blog. All you have to do to win is leave a comment:) Have a nice evening still!


Tuesday, October 18

NEW BLOG DESIGN! and a litle giveaway:)

I believe congratulations are in order! The last couple of days I have been designing, encryptioning, reading, googling, researching, re-organizing, deleting, HTML-ing, gadgeting and tearing my hair off, so that I could finally get my beloved, but oh so neglected blog up to date and looking loved again. Hope you like it too... I've followed my favorite motto "less is more", which was definitely not the case with my last design. And to celebrate this re-launch, and hopefully make me connect with most of you again, I am going to host a give-away, sponsored by the one and only, inspiring and ueber-creative Vibeke Spigseth and her Poppydesign. I actually have more give-aways coming in the following days and weeks, but first out I am giving away one very cute alternative to the regular lunch box. I guess you could call it a "lunch bag", home made, self designed and home sewn by Vibeke. I told you, she is creative:). As this bag is only being sold in Norway at the moment, this should be a unique opportunity for those of you not living in Norway. I'm sorry however, the give-away is for European residents only.

SO! To be entitled to win this lunch bag, you will have to leave a comment on this post AND on the Poppydesign blog (post of your choice). Also you can double your chances of winning by posting about this on either your facebook page, google+,  twitter or on your own blog. You have until Saturday October 22nd and I will be drawing a winner on Sunday 23rd.

Like I mentioned, I am planning to be more active here again, and I have more giveaways coming up so I hope to see you back soon:)

Greetings Marianne:)

Saturday, October 15

It's a socialmedia life and my trip to Austria

I'm a bad bad blogger!!!! I'm really struggling to find time to all the social medias, photography workload, family, fun and real life sociallife. I need to come up with some time effective way to do it all. Any suggestions???? The last months I have spent most of my time on photography related things, like iphoneography, Instagram, photoshoots and workshops. I assure you its all fun stuff, so I'm not COMplaining, just EXplaining:) I have learned more about photography in the 6 months I have been active on Instagram, then I have learned my hole life!! You can't beat that, can you? So, like I said; NOT complaining! One of the big things on this fun-filled list was my trip to Moerbisch am See in Austria to teach at "Designtage der Scrapqueens" a few weeks back now, and I wanted to show some of my favorite pictures from the workshops, and from the trip itself:

This is the hole group of scrapping and photographing ladies, flocking together on the stairs of "Galerie und Weingut Zentgraf"

From my photo workshop, demonstrating one of my favorite iphone apps, while talking about "The little things"

My co-teacher, Gudrun Loennecken, who is such a sweethart and who made the stay even more enjoyable:)

An evening walk by the Lake with hostess Karin and Gudrun

Paparazzi attack!! These are my students in action, during my "learning by doing" part of the photography class. I was teaching them about light, defined light and silhuettes.....

....and this is the subject or motive they were photographing:)

These are just some of my favorite pictures from the place.

I think you may have guessed by now that I had a great trip! Thank you Karin for inviting and having me, thank you Gudrun for sociallizing and wining and dining with me and thank you to all participants for giving me this experience!!