Monday, February 13

My pictures for sale - limited edition and with time limit!

Good morning!! I feel very lucky and honoured to have been asked by newly started Hashpix to sell my best instagram pictures through them. My followers have asked me many many times if I sell my pictures, and it has taken me until now to find a good way to do it. And here it is, my first limited edition poppy collection!!! For sale at

I'm really exited by this, as these are some of my favourite flower pictures of all time and very much my own less-is-more style. There's a time limit on the sales, just three days, then the sale stops and there are only 10 of each for sale. So if you ever wanted to buy one or some of these, it's pretty much now or never and I really hope I can make some of you happy:) 

Stay tuned, Hashpix are just starting out today, but they have big plans and much more to come...