Sunday, March 25

Iphoneography exhibition at "Bijvanck in Beeld" in Blaricum

Ready for the exhibit
This weekend I had my first exhibition in De Malbak and the event called "Bijvanck in Beeld" (some of those head photos on the website are mine btw). There were lots of people visiting both Saturday and Sunday, and I got loads of enthusiastic and positive reactions. I made some interesting contacts and even sold several pictures, so all in all a great event!

For the exhibit I chose to showcase only my iphoneography based work/art. I had framed pictures in 3 different sizes, I had my Keepsy book "It's about the little things" (that is also for sale through that link btw., not digital, but a paper book:)) and my iphone based business cards, which I still love and which got a LOT of attention. 

Seems I'll be doing another exhibition like this in Blaricum Oude Dorp in September. Already looking forward to it. I'll also have pictures in the "Dit is Zuid" exhibition in Rotterdam throughout April as well as the planned "SeeMyAlmere" exhibition in May/June. So, you can see there's a lot of exhibiting going on at the moment:):)

Close up of my display of mini pics, business cards and my Keepsy book.

My set up

Tuesday, March 20

Photo exhibition at "Bijvanck in Beeld" event

This weekend (March 24 and 25) there's a big event in Blaricum called "Bijvanck in Beeld". Local artists  will exhibit their work and there is an atelier route to artists around the area (download route here). 

And I am very exited to announce that I will have my very first exhibition at this very event and will show a collection of my favourite iPhone art. Some of the pictures will also be up for sale. To the left is a sneak peak of some of the pictures that will be shown.

So, if you live in the area and would like some artistic input, this is an event you shouldn't miss. Hope to see some familiar faces:)


Monday, March 19

Apple store Amsterdam - Iphoneography event

Apple Store Amsterdam
On March 17th 2012 the beautiful newly opened and Netherlands' first Apple store located in Amsterdam, arranged their very first event called "Iphoneography". The announcement of the event stated the following:

"Amateur and professional photographers have embraced iPhone as a revolutionary new tool that lets them capture images, edit and share, all in one tool. There is an almost unlimited range of apps to choose from and there are NO limits to what one can create with all the different apps available on todays iphones. Join us and listen to Jonne KingmaMarianne Hope en Joanna Janczak when they show their work and give us an insight to how they work and what apps they use."

My point of view
The presentation was held in the heart of the store on ground level. An impressive spacious open interior surrounded by galleries and a glass ceiling, providing lots of light. The store, which is now the biggest in the world, has been renovated in style with the beautiful historic building and is simply stunning. No costs were saved for making the presentation as good as could be. Two big screens with an integrated surround sound system were used to display the presentation material and bringing the Iphoneography event to life.

Speaking for myself, it was an amazing experience and I loved every minute of it. To have the opportunity to talk about my passion and work in front of a full and appreciative audience, in such a unique location and in regi of Apple themselves, is no doubt a once-in-a-life-time experience and one I will never forget. 

Many thanks to Apple and Robin Lingwood for inviting me, to Karolein Obbens for coordinating the event, to my fellow speakers Jonne and Joanna, to Dirk Bakker for taking some of the pictures below and finally to all the people who took the time to join and listen.

Almost ready
In action

Lines and perspective
Attentive audience