Tuesday, June 19

Interested in photography?

When Debbie Wibowo asked me for an interview for a Magazine she's writing for, I was honoured and happy she was interested in my work. When I saw the magazine in question I was even more honoured. It's a lovely and inspirational magazine, a photographic and visual feast, it's online and it's free!! It's Christina Greve that is the maker and editor of this magazine. She is also a dedicated Instagramer as well as a talented and successful photographer. Not sure how she manages to do it all, but she's definitely doing it:) In her magazine you find interesting articles about other female photographers, lots of inspirational photography and articles about Instagram. This issue has an article written for newbies on Instagram. As for me, I was very happy to be the featured Instagramer. I'm talking about my experiences with the app, what Instagram has meant and still mean to me and my photography and also giving some tips and advise, so if you ever wanted some advise from an Instagram "veteran", this might be your chance to read up:)

Thursday, June 7

what is "abstract" in photography?

Did you ever try to define "abstract"? Or look it up on google? Let's just say it's not an easy subject to define:) After going through quite a few "double Dutch" words and phrases, I found one that is pretty comprehendible: 
"An abstract aims to present only the gist of the subject matter"
Which in photography pretty much means that you show only a part of the bigger object, like just a part of a building or just the texture of a door. It can be a pattern found in any object, big or smal, industrial or natural. Abstracts are often easy on the eye, easy to like, but it takes a practiced and creative eye to spot a good motive. An abstract motive can be found EVERYWHERE, you just have to open your mind to them:) Good luck!!