I offer a wide spectrum of workshops, both mobile photography and traditional photography:
  1. Mobile photography for 8 - 20 participants
  2. Mobile photography for larger groups 
  3. DSLR workshop for beginners (including technical basics)
  4. DSLR workshop for advanced amateurs (practical workshop) - max 8 participants
  5. Optimized use of Instagram
  6. Custom made workshop for individual needs

My next scheduled WS is:

Mobile photography workshop:    Feb. 15th 2015

General info

Mobile photography workshops

Learn how to notice the world around you in a new way and how to capture it with the best camera of all; the one with you! 

I will talk about seeing and noticing motives (places, people, architecture, details etc.),  how to compose, how to be creative and find your own style and of course I’ll be demonstrating some of my favorite photo editing apps.

The workshop is suited for all, beginners as well as more advanced (mobile)  photographers. Having a smart phone is a plus, but not a must (many of the things I will be talking about will apply to photography in general)

DSLR workshops

Depending on size of group and knowledge level of participants, I will teach the technical and practical basics of shooting with a DSLR. With smaller groups the workshop will be practical and hands on, following the principle "learning by doing".

Optimized use of Instagram

After being active on Instagram for 3 years with a significant level of success (66.000 followers per March 2014), I have gathered a lot of experience and expertise regarding how to use the medium. This workshop is foremost offered as a one-on-one consultancy service which can be given in person or online and worldwide.

For more information regarding the above, hiring or requests for workshops, please contact me.

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